About MalwareFox

We Are on a Mission

Are you tired of using different antivirus programs to get rid of malware on your computer?

Does unusual behavior of computer makes you worry about security of data?

MalwareFox is advanced, yet simple-to-use anti-malware solution for Windows computers. We provide aggressive detection capabilities and effective malware removal tool to keep your systems safe and secure.

Every third Computer in the US is affected by Malware.


Freedom from Malware

We have understood that Antivirus software isn’t just enough to provide overall protection.
Cyber criminals are developing sophisticated malware which can bypass Antivirus programs.

This resulted in emergent need of anti-malware software programs.
We decided to partner with Zemana Labs and integrate their anti-malware technology in our product.
So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, we are contributing to improve existing technology.

Our mission of “Freedom from Malware” is about keeping your digital assets safe at reasonable cost.

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