MalwareFox ​For Android

recommends Total AV for upgraded security.

Cleans viruses and malware from your phone.
Protects your phone from adware, spyware
and secures private data.

Also available for Windows, Mac and iPhone

Real-Time Protection

Scans apps and files for malware threats while downloading and each time they are accessed on device.

Anonymous Browsing

WebShield module protects you against dangerous sites that tend to exploit or steal personal information.

Block Ads and Spyware

Get a cleaner and faster web browsing experience. Protects privacy by blocking trackers.

Lock Private Apps / Files

Restrict access to sensitive apps and documents. Hide data, Limit family access and prevent identity theft.

How to check for Malware on Android?

Any malware does certain tasks after entering the device. They change the behavior of the system and increase the resource usage. Some of the android virus symptoms are Higher data usage, Device heating up and/or slowing down. You can refer Android malware removal guide to detect such unusual behavior and remove the culprit.

What is the Code to check if my Phone is being Monitored?

Despite what viral videos have to say there are no secret codes to spy on your phone. There are USSD codes provided by device manufacturer as well as telephone connection company to perform certain tasks. However, the only one you should be concerned about are the ones which forwards your call to someone else. It could be some premium charging service which will lead to hefty bill on your account or some person who wants to keep tap on you.

It is only possible to monitor android device using Spying apps which are marketed in the name of parental control or to take care of elderly ones.

How to stop someone Spying on my Phone?

If someone has intentionally installed a spy app on phone, it will become Device administrator which you must lookout for. Also, it is possible for yourself to install some apps that pretend to be genuine and useful, but in reality, they are spyware programs. Though challenging but there are some ways through which you can tell if someone is spying on your phone.

An example of such app could be an Advanced Calculator app asking for Location and Phone Call permission. So, it’s not just the app but also you should be careful about App permissions and utilise common sense to raise suspicion.

How do I get rid of Ads on Android Phone?

Advertisements, when displayed in annoying form like full screen popups, or forced redirects or tons of notifications can be a real problem. These are the signs of adware because legit apps and websites do not intend to ruin the user experience.

However, if you intend to remove ads in general, please refer to Android Chrome Ad blocking guide. It will help you achieve ad-free browsing experience.