cache data android phone

What is Cached Data on Android Phone

Are you curious about the cached data on your android phone? Phones are no longer a medium to only make phone calls. You are carrying a personal computer in your hand. Android phones can do many things that we do it on our computer. You can browse the internet, watch videos, and can do many […]

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spyware on android

How to Detect Spyware on Android Phone

Are you suspicious that someone is tracking you on the android phone? Yes they can, all it takes to install an app that looks legitimate and can spy on you. You might receive the link to the app from a friend on the social media network saying that it is an exciting app to try. Or […]

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remove facebook from life

How to Remove Facebook from your Life

Do you just realize that the time you spent on Facebook could change your life? And you are so frustrated that you want to remove Facebook from your life? But now you are worrying, how to do it? The things you did with Facebook, how you will do them after ditching the Facebook? You will […]

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Are Porn site virus infected

Are Porn Sites Virus Infected? Fact or Myth?

The Internet is filled with porn. It is not like that they are filling and no one is interested. Traffic on porn websites is increasing day by day. Even when most people think that porn websites contain viruses, they don’t seem to avoid it. Porn websites include lots of advertisements. They are in the form of […]

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Remove Google from Life

How to Remove Google from your Life

Google offers a lot of services and most of them are free to use. Hence, it tracks the user’s data and uses it to serve the ad. With this method, Google earns money. Most users don’t bother about sharing their information with Google, while few users consider it a risk to their privacy. If you are […]

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Fix Computer like Service Repairing

How to Fix your Computer like Service Repair Guys

If something happens to your computer, you call the service repair guys to fix the problem. Meanwhile, you lose your working time until they arrive and when they fix it, you pay the hefty charges. Even if it was a simple problem, you have to pay their full fee. There are different simple things that you […]

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remove android malware

How to Remove Malware from Android

Your Android phone contains more sensitive information than your computer. It has your pictures, credit cards, messages, and other valuable data. If malware gets access to this information, it could lead to severe damage. So, it is essential to remove the malware from your phone as soon as you suspect it. But first of all, how […]

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virus worm difference

Difference between Virus and Worm

Do you think the computer virus and worms are the same? Both disturb users by replicating themselves and destroying the data. Besides this, there are significant differences between viruses and worms. What is a Virus? By definition, Virus a computer program that spread from computer to computer and corrupts user data.  It can replicate itself and […]

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