How can an Attacker execute Malware through a Script?

How can an Attacker execute Malware through a Script

Cyberattackers always look for new ways to exploit digital devices and systems. Since the security programs have become robust enough to tackle the traditional files based malware, the attackers have found a new approach for conducting the malicious activities.

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How to Block Ads in Android Chrome

android ransomware

Advertisements can appear on practically any part of your Android devices. However, your Google Chrome browser is the most vulnerable of all apps. Just like its desktop counterpart, Android Chrome is regularly exposed to many ads online from pop-ups to intrusive advertisements.

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Is Malwarebytes Safe and Legit?


Windows users need to install an antivirus program to protect their computer from viruses. Internet is flooded with a lot of antivirus options for users.

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Can Malware Spread through WiFi?

Can Malware Spread through WiFi

A WiFi network is a great asset to access the internet from anywhere around its range wirelessly. Previously for accessing the internet, users needed to connect LAN wires to their devices. This limits them to a specific place for using the internet. However, with the evolution of WiFi, the internet is now everywhere.

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Best Antivirus for Android 2021

top android antivirus

Google announced in 2017 that Android has more than 2 billion monthly active users. According to several market share reports, the number of Android users is still rising. The total number of smartphone users in 2020 is expected to surpass the amount of 3.5 billion.

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How does Malware Work?

How does Malware Works

Cybersecurity has become one of the major concerns for individuals and companies all around the world. The attackers are regularly developing new ways to infiltrate devices and perform malicious tasks like stealing data and infecting networks. To achieve such tasks, attackers use malware programs.

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How to Block Unwanted SMS text Messages on Android

block sms on android

Every time your phone chimes, you check it if anything important comes and it turns out a promotional SMS. Here in this article, you will know how to block spam messages on your Android phone.

How to Detect Spyware on Android Phone

spyware on android

Are you suspicious that someone is tracking you on the android phone? Yes they can, all it takes to install an app that looks legitimate¬†and can spy on you. You might receive the link to the app from a friend on the social media network saying that it is an exciting app to try. Or … Read more

How to identify Malware in Task Manager?

How to identify Malware in Task Manager

Task Manager is the Windows component used for monitoring system process. Learn how to identify and remove malware in the task manager.