Whatsapp Privacy Policy Changes Explained

Whatsapp Privacy Policy Changes Explained

Recently, WhatsApp is in the news for the announcement they have made to make some vital changes in their Privacy Policy. The statement is receiving criticism from every direction because of the privacy being overlooked by the messaging company. Let us take a deep dive into the matter and find out what is all the fuss about the latest amendments in WhatsApp Privacy Policy.

How to Spot Fake Facebook Profile

spot fake facebook profile

Facebook crossed 2.3 Billion users this year. Last year Facebook estimated that more than 10% of these accounts are fake or duplicate. Facebook is adopting several strategies to point out fake profiles, but it is not enough. It is not just a concern for Facebook, but it is also a concern of real users like … Read more

How to Block Unwanted SMS text Messages on Android

block sms on android

Every time your phone chimes, you check it if anything important comes and it turns out a promotional SMS. Here in this article, you will know how to block spam messages on your Android phone.

Best Antivirus for Android 2020

top android antivirus

Number of Android users are constantly on rise and gaining popularity makes it a hot target of cyber criminals. To combat threats, we list the best antivirus apps for Android smartphones to secure your personal life.

How to Detect Spyware on Android Phone

spyware on android

Are you suspicious that someone is tracking you on the android phone? Yes they can, all it takes to install an app that looks legitimate and can spy on you. You might receive the link to the app from a friend on the social media network saying that it is an exciting app to try. Or … Read more

What is Roblox Virus and How to remove it?

roblox game

Is your system infected with the Roblox Virus?

Are you confused about whether Roblox is a virus or a genuine game?

Are you looking for ways to prevent the Roblox virus?

If you have these or similar questions on your mind, this guide will answer all such queries. 

In this post, we will discuss what Roblox is? Is it a virus? What are the symptoms of the Roblox virus and how to prevent it?

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Are Porn Sites Virus Infected? Fact or Myth?

Are Porn site virus infected

The Internet is filled with porn. It is not like that they are filling and no one is interested. Traffic on porn websites is increasing day by day. Even when most people think that porn websites contain viruses, they don’t seem to avoid it. Porn websites include lots of advertisements. They are in the form of … Read more

How to Fix your Computer like Service Repair Guys

Fix Computer like Service Repairing

If something happens to your computer, you call the service repair guys to fix the problem. Meanwhile, you lose your working time until they arrive and when they fix it, you pay the hefty charges. Even if it was a simple problem, you have to pay their full fee. There are different simple things that you … Read more

How to Remove Malware from Android

remove android malware

Your Android phone contains more sensitive information than your computer. It has your pictures, credit cards, messages, and other valuable data. If malware gets access to this information, it could lead to severe damage. So, it is essential to remove the malware from your phone as soon as you suspect it. But first of all, how … Read more