Discord Virus: What is it and How to Remove?

Discord Virus What is it and How to Remove

Discord is a popular VoIP chatting application specially designed for gamers so that they can interact with each other while playing games. However, because of such a vast user base, Discord is always in danger of cyberattacks. In this post, we would discuss what the Discord Virus is and how to remove it from the system.

Minecraft Malware : How to Remove Fractureiser & Play Mods Safe

Minecraft Malware

When it comes to Minecraft, you’d think the biggest threats are Creepers, Endermen, or maybe even a well-placed TNT block. But lurking behind the pixelated shadows of your favorite mods, there’s an insidious enemy that’s not part of the game: malware. Let’s take a closer look at the Minecraft malware, Fractureiser, and learn how to … Read more

Best Antivirus for Android 2021

top android antivirus

Google announced in 2017 that Android has more than 2 billion monthly active users. According to several market share reports, the number of Android users is still rising. The total number of smartphone users in 2020 is expected to surpass the amount of 3.5 billion.

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Malwarebytes Lifetime License: How to Buy Legally?


Malwarebytes is primarily a scanner that scans and removes malicious objects including rogue security software, adware, spyware. Malwarebytes was a lifetime subscription, once you pay, there are no payment involved.

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5 Best Online Virus Scanner

Now, more than ever, everyone should put online security on top of their concerns. Malware and viruses are becoming more and more dangerous and damaging. Once a mere annoyance, these threats can affect anyone by stealing their identities, infiltrating their systems, and even access their bank accounts. That is why it is necessary to put … Read more

5 Best Spyware Scanners

Spyware is a type of malware that is difficult to detect. It lives on your computer to collect information. Your browsing habits, passwords, personal information, and online shopping transactions are some of the data recorded by spyware. The spyware sent this data to an external server where hackers can use the information to infiltrate your … Read more

Malwarebytes Free vs Premium


Using a free version is not a problem but one always wants to know if paying for. Question generally pops up while thinking of upgrading a freeware program. In this article, we will understand the difference between Malwarebytes Free and Premium.

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Is CCleaner Malware? How to Clean and be Safe?

ccleaner malware

CCleaner, a legitimate and popular system optimization tool, found itself in the limelight back in 2017. Why? Hackers managed to inject malicious code, known as Foxif, into the program, turning an innocent tool into a data-stealing malware. This discovery sent shockwaves throughout the cyber security industry.

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Is Pornhub Safe? How to browse Adult Sites Safely?

pornhub logo

Is Pornhub safe? That’s one question that echoes a lot over the Internet. People visiting this massively popular website are concerned whether it’s safe to enter and browse. After all, this adult website seems too good to be true. With an endless supply of NSFW videos, troves of amateur porn, and a thriving community, this … Read more

How to Block Unwanted SMS text Messages on Android

block sms on android

Nowadays, people hardly use SMS to communicate. Instant messaging apps has overtaken traditional text messages. However, SMS is still useful regarding getting information and notifications. You get the verification codes for logging to your online account. You get your banking transactions notifications via text messages.

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