How to Remove Adware from Google Chrome

Google Chrome has evolved to be the most popular and widely used browser all over the world. And, that’s exactly why it is frequently targeted by the malware makers and hijackers. They intend to alter the settings of the browser and install adwares and other unwanted extensions. Due to this, your Chrome gets affected by … Read more

How Antivirus Works?

Viruses are the oldest form of malicious code around, creating havoc before the days of the Internet. They come in many forms — ranging from boot sector to macro to file infectors. And each type of virus takes its own devious course when it comes to propagation and causing damage. It stands to reason, then, … Read more

What is Spyware

As the name suggests, Spyware is a type of spying software. Specifically, Spyware is a kind of malware that is deployed to keep track of activities on a computer and gather information without the user’s consent. The main motive of a spyware program is to monitor activity and send it to the developer (hacker) discreetly. … Read more

What is Browser Hijacker

A Browser Hijacker is an unwanted software program that takes over control of your browser without permission. Have you experienced unusual website redirects or annoying pop-up ads? Those are signs that your browser has been taken over by a hijacker. It modifies browser settings without user consent. Unwanted actions include: the insertion of ads or … Read more