Difference between Virus and Worm

virus worm difference

Do you think the computer virus and worms are the same? Both disturb users by replicating themselves and destroying the data. Besides this, there are significant differences between viruses and worms. What is a Virus? By definition, Virus a computer program that spread from computer to computer and corrupts user data.  It can replicate itself and … Read more

What is Scareware?


Scareware is a type of malicious software which aims to deceive users into visiting malware-infested sites, downloading potentially dangerous applications, or purchasing a bogus service. It will appear as legitimate warnings from security services typically in the form of pop-ups or messages from the operating system. How Scareware Works Scareware, also known as fraudware, rely … Read more

How To Confirm False Positive Antivirus Detection

Modern antivirus applications often do a good job at protecting your machine on its day-to-day operations. However, security applications are not perfect and there are occasional false positive detection. It is typically tricky to determine whether it is a false positive or a legitimate threat. What Are False Positive Antivirus Detection False positives are instances … Read more