Discord Virus: What is it and How to Remove?

Discord Virus What is it and How to Remove

Discord is a popular VoIP chatting application specially designed for gamers so that they can interact with each other while playing games. It also has many more features like the option to screencast, live stream, and add thousands of users to a server. Since its inception in 2015, Discord has gained immense popularity and is used by millions of people. 

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How to remove Windows Support Alert: Computer Blocked?

Fix This Computer is Blocked Scam Virus Removal Guide

Many times while browsing the internet, you might have redirected to some websites and get the “Windows Support Alert” warning through pop-ups. Such pop-ups warnings claim to be from Microsoft alerting their customers for a malware attack. However, all such pop-ups are fake and designed by cyberattacker to invite internet users into a scam by scaring them.

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List of Android Viruses and How to Protect

android ransomware

To widespread their malicious programs quickly, cybercriminals always look for the medium with a vast user base. Currently, there is no better medium with a huge user base than Android. 

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5 Powerful Android Virus Cleaners

top android antivirus

Android is the most used operating system for smartphones. It provides a lot of features, customizations, and more flexibility than any other OS like iOS, which makes it popular among tech-savvy users. Since it is an open-source program, Android gives developers a lot of freedom to modify it and create a lot of different customizable apps. However, being an open-source program also makes it vulnerable to security risks and cyber-attacks.

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How to Send a Secure Email in Gmail / Outlook?

How to Send a Secure Email in Gmail Outlook

Every other day we hear the news of cyber attacks or data breaches on some organizations. Cybercriminals never left any stone unturned to infiltrate any system or network. Generally, the data breaches are conducted through means such as social engineering attacks, phishing attacks, poorly secure email account, and similar techniques.

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Most Secure Phones on the Earth for Security Privacy Concerned

Most Secure Phone on the Earth for Security Privacy Concerned

Our smartphones know almost everything about us that even our closest friend or spouse doesn’t know. If we look at modern smartphones, they are equipped with so many hardware and software components that ensure security is maintained and privacy is intact. The features such as fingerprint scanner, retinal scanner, face recognition, and more are now not limited to only luxury phones.

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Can Someone Hack my Phone by Texting me?

Can Someone Hack my Phone by Texting

Ever since the cybercriminals are getting more and more advanced in infiltrating any system or network, the privacy-concerned people are getting several questions in their mind, for instance:

  • Can someone hack my phone by texting me? 
  • Can Someone hack my phone by calling me?

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