How To Confirm False Positive Antivirus Detection

Modern antivirus applications often do a good job at protecting your machine on its day-to-day operations. However, security applications are not perfect and there are occasional false positive detection. It is typically tricky to determine whether it is a false positive or a legitimate threat. What Are False Positive Antivirus Detection False positives are instances … Read more

Is Windows Defender Enough?

Cybersecurity is an increasing issue for both individuals and businesses. Gone are the days when people only had to worry about viruses. Nowadays, ransomware, spyware, and various new forms of malicious software are considered an everyday threat. Protecting your computer from these harmful programs should be a grave concern. Real-time detection of suspicious files and … Read more

Antivirus vs Firewall

Are you confused between the two terms: Antivirus and Firewall? You may already know that Firewalls help you control network traffic but what about protection from viruses? And Antiviruses detect malicious files and virus but doesn’t it monitor network traffic as well? While both Firewall and Antivirus are part of the CyberSecurity methods that protect your … Read more