What is HTTP/3


Third major revision of the of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol is based on QUIC, which is an experimental transport layer network protocol that was initially developed and pioneered by Google.

What is Rootkit?


Rootkits are malicious software that gives hackers the full administrator rights of your PC. It helps hackers in changing or altering the system settings or files the way an administrator could do.

What is Doxxing and How to Avoid it?


The doxxing comes from ‘dropping docs’ which is used to take revenge by dropping malicious documents. If you are like most internet users, who are unaware of doxxing, then continue reading. What is Doxxing? Doxxing is a type of cyber attack that involves searching and posting personal and identifiable information about an individual. Attacker discovers … Read more

What is Fileless Malware and How to Protect Yourself?

fileless malware

Fileless malware, on the other hand, can infiltrate your PC without any software being installed or written to the hard drive. This makes it one of the most sinister and disguised threats ever seen, and it’s no wonder security companies are having a hard time with it.

What is SmartScreen Filter and Should You Disable It?

Windows OS has a feature called SmartScreen. Rather than controlling the display setting of your screen, this feature plays a role in protecting your PC when you download a program that could be a malware threat. The filename of the SmartScreen process is called “smartscreen.exe.” When you open your Task Manager, you will most likely … Read more

What is Scareware?


Scareware is a type of malicious software which aims to deceive users into visiting malware-infested sites, downloading potentially dangerous applications, or purchasing a bogus service. It will appear as legitimate warnings from security services typically in the form of pop-ups or messages from the operating system. How Scareware Works Scareware, also known as fraudware, rely … Read more

What is Riskware?


Riskware are legitimate programs that can cause damage to your computer if exploited. Risk + Software = Riskware Malicious entities can take advantage of the weaknesses of programs to delete, copy, block, or modify data in your machine. Moreover, it can disrupt the network speed and general performance of your computer. Riskware attacks can lead … Read more