Why You Shouldn’t Buy Identity Theft Protection?

Technology runs a majority of our lives nowadays. In metropolitan areas, public and private services have various techniques, including the Internet, in their backbones. These services often require your personal information. Your credit information, name, address, and even your social security are in different databases across services that you use. The amount of personal information that … Read more

How does Malicious Website Infect You?

Countless experts are warning the public about online threats. Malicious software is rapidly evolving. It continuously grows from a pure annoyance to financially damaging applications. Users are often oblivious to such dangers. Most people think that visiting “trusted” websites protect them from such threats. They are usually careful about downloading apps from the Internet. However, a … Read more

What is Browser Fingerprint and How to Protect It

Privacy is an ongoing issue worldwide. The pervasive nature of technology allows the easy collection of private information. Additionally, people unwittingly share personal information on social media, email correspondence, and other online platforms. Companies take advantage of collecting an extensive database of private information. By analyzing your online activities, websites can create targeted ads. An example … Read more