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I am a Tech CEO and this is How I got Hacked

You thought you are smart enough. It is not possible to get hacked because you use all the necessary precautions. I have bad news for you. Hackers can outsmart even the tech giants who take pride in building a multi-million-dollar business online. This article tells a story of one such person. He is a CEO of Social media […]

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35 Ransomware Prevention Tips

What Exactly Is Ransomware?Ransomware is a real life digital villain. Computer viruses and Trojans are malicious programs which are generally referred as malware. These malicious programs have a capability of damaging computer devices in various different ways. The virus reproduces themselves and affects other programs in a computer. Viruses can be downloaded from the internet, any […]

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11 Windows 10 Privacy Issues and Fix

Since the launch of Windows 10 on July 29th 2015, one major concern has been on everyone’s mind; privacy. Windows 10 privacy takes a whole new twist since users can now login via their Microsoft account. Logging in with an Outlook/Live account, allows Microsoft to track your searches, location, websites you visit and more. This leads […]

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Java Security Issues – How to Fix

Right now you might have one of the most vulnerable utilities that hackers absolutely love installed on your computer, and there’s little you can do about it. What’s this mysterious highly insecure program I’m talking about? None other than Java. Java is a programming language that was developed years ago to specifically run on all manner of […]

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