Passfault – Password Strength Tester

Do you want to know how secure is your Password?

We offer this password strength checking tool which will evaluate your password. It will tell how long will it take a machine / hacker to crack your password. It does this by checking your password string against various known criteria and common set of words.


Is it Safe to enter my Password here?

Yes, we do not store password and evaluation is done locally inside your browser.

Can Hackers crack strong Passwords?

Hackers attempt brute force attack which attempts checking your account login against common names, dictionary words and reused passwords. So, we recommend using password of higher strength to become unhackable.

What is the #1 most used Password?

According to The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), upon researching about 20 million passwords from leaked database, 123456 came out to be the most common used one.

About Passfault

Passfault evaluates passwords and enforces password policy in a completely different way. It was developed by The OWASP Foundation and now maintained by MalwareFox.

On Feb 24, 2021, the developer discontinued the project and recommended using ZXCVBN. However, they admitted that the Passfault has some advanced wordlists that would benefit the project.

So, we have integrated the extensive wordlist of Passfault into ZXCVBN to offer the best Password strength tester on MalwareFox.