How to Reset Web Browser to Default Setting

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None needs an explanation, on what is internet and how widely we are using it, today. It is because of the massive evolution it has come through. Directionally, the browsers have also gone through numerous changes in the while, to keep up with the rapidly growing environment. Well, the web browsers are primarily the gateway to access the World Wide Web; and provide an interface to make use of the internet in our desired way.

The browsers nowadays come with numerous useful features and also improve the internet speed. Accordingly, they display favorite apps and frequently visited website pages, right away when you open it; allow you to select themes of your choice, and even enables private browsing. Hence, in this way, the browser will help us to make use of the internet to the fullest.

Why do you need to Reset the Browser?

Apart from being able to provide various features on its own; there are also some additional programs available that improve the browsing experience further. These programs are called extensions or add-ons; which renders extra powers and features to the browsers’ interface to every page it loads. However, difficulties do happen with these browsers, no matter how well they are programmed.

The issues comprise frequent crash; unnecessary ad pop-ups; unwanted re-directions; security threats; etc. It eventually, they slow down the system’s performance, and hence it needs to be cleared forthwith. The default and accessible way to solve these kinds of problems is to reset the browser to default settings.

Are you hindered with such issues in your browser? Are you looking for the ways to reset your browser? Then, you’re at the right place. It is quite an easy endeavor; however, the default state will almost erase everything. For example, the settings that you’ve made on Toolbars; Privacy & Security settings; browser preferences; add-ons; extensions; themes; etc. will be removed.

Resetting doesn’t delete your bookmarks; saved passwords; and sometimes even the browsing history. Hence there is nothing to be worried.

How to Reset Web Browsers to Default Setting? 

  • google chrome
  • mozilla firefox
  • internet explorer
  • Microsoft edge
  • Click on the Three Horizontal Dots (Menu button) on the Edge browser Choose settings
Reset Microsoft Edge 1
  • Under the Clear browsing data, click on Choose what to clear.
Reset Microsoft Edge 2
  • Microsoft Edge doesn't give you separate option to Reset the browser. It gives you options to clear the different types of data, this way ultimately you will reset the browser. Click on Show more and choose what you want to clear.
Reset Microsoft Edge 3
  • If you want to completely reset Microsoft Edge, just select all the options and click on Clear button. 
Reset Microsoft Edge 4

It will take some time and you will get a fresh browser. 

The steps above will help you to change your browser to its default stage. But still, it won’t delete your data completely; your password and add-ons will stay in your browser, within which specific threats may hide. Hence, the steps above can’t be an ultimate solution, at times.

Keep your Browsing Experience Safe with MalwareFox

In any case, it is essential to protect your PC from all kinds of malware attack. The only potentially practical solution for this is, installing a good anti-malware software. You might already have an antivirus enabled on your computer.

Antiviruses aren’t capable of identifying many kinds of new and emerging malware. Therefore, an anti-malware is the only solution for getting over the malware and spyware correctly. On that note, it is highly recommended to use MalwareFox, an efficient anti-malware that significantly helps in removing the various types of malware from your system. It delivers better results when compared to the process of resetting the browser to default settings.

The MalwareFox scans your browser thoroughly to detect the presence any malware. If it detects any such malicious program, it will automatically remove it. It also includes a competent Real-time protection and Malware detection & removal features.

Real-Time Protection

It keeps this Anti-Malware program active all the time, to detect any possibility of the malware getting into your system. Once it catches any file to be malicious and to be dangerous, you will get a notification to decide what to do. You could either delete it or quarantine the file. Thus, MalwareFox takes care of all your browsing episodes, ensuring protection from malware.

Malware Detection and Removal

First, you need to scan your system thoroughly with MalwareFox, to identify the presence of malware. Open the MalwareFox and look for the scan option located at the right side on the bottom of the window.

It also provides opportunities, to either scan the files entirely or only selected data. Simply, press the scan button to start the process of scanning. It will detect the malware present on your PC and will display the files on the screen. Now, you have to choose what to do with the malware files.

The MalwareFox also has a unique feature to clean the browser. It will clean the browser by detecting the malware and also finds the location of the hiding malware. All you need to do is to scan your system with the MalwareFox to remove the hidden malware. MalwareFox not only eliminates the malware that present but also prevents your system from getting the malware again in future.


Remember, even if you reset the browser to default settings, it will not erase specific factors, such as the bookmarks, password, etc. As mentioned, these undeleted files may contain the malware. Therefore, the highly recommended endeavor is to use MalwareFox to prevent you from malware attacks, while browsing.

Using MalwareFox, we can not only remove the malware; but also avert various factors that would compromise our PC. Moreover, its real-time protection feature will always keep the Anti-Malware active, to prevent malware or any other threats, infecting our system in future.

​Best Anti-malware

MalwareFox ​Premium

  • ​Removes Malware which Antivirus cannot
  • Protects from ​Ransomware Attacks
  • ​Lightweight​ and Fast ​Detection

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