MalwareFox Spyware Removal Tool

Guards your Privacy and stops stealing of Private data

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Protects Privacy

Includes data breach monitoring and proactive module to stop data collecting programs through keystrokes, webcam and cookies.

Removes Spyware

Detects and removes spyware programs designed to steal personal data for financial gains or identity misuse.

Restores Performance

Stops malicious activity and frees up processing power of computer. Also includes Junk cleaner and system tuneup utilities.

On Android, it includes App Locker module which restricts access to sensitive apps and prevents identity theft.

Works on Windows / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad

How Spyware Removal Works?

Adware Removal Steps

Cleans up your computer from spyware infection in just four simple steps.

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What is Spyware?

Spyware is actually a tracking software used to monitor activities on computer. Employers might use keystroke logger or Parents might use it to keep an eye on their kids. However, when such tracking software is abused, it can be a threat to privacy. Cyber criminals use it to spy on web browsing habits, log keystrokes to steal password, record activity using web-camera or microphone.

Password Stealers, Banking Trojans, Infostealers and Keyloggers are some types of Spyware.

Where does Spyware come From?

Spyware is generally bundled with some another software installed (mostly freeware). Such free software make money by selling tracked user data to advertising agencies or hackers. Though we miss out on Privacy Policy and License agreement while installing any software, but it is where manufacturer takes permission to invade your privacy.

The term Spyware came into being back in 1999 when it was bundled with a freeware game.

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How to Recognize Spyware?

Spyware are difficult to detect because there is no visible activity as such. First indication of spyware infection could be noticeable reduction in processor or network connection speed.

You must check out Task Manager for any unknown process running in the background. Firewall can also give you a hint about any malicious program making outgoing connection from your computer. Learn more about ​difference between Spyware and Malware.

How to Remove Spyware?

It is possible to remove spyware manually if you’ve found the culprit process in the above explained places. Otherwise, spyware programs are in stealth mode (on Android, they become Device Administrators) and difficult to get rid of. Many Antivirus programs come with anti-spyware module, but they may not be as effective as you want to be.

 You should run full scan of computer using Spyware removal tool which detects hidden spyware and removes it from roots.

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How to Protect from Spyware?

Freeware from unknown sources should be avoided at any cost (pun intended). Firewall log should be maintained and monitored on regular basis. Suspicious processes and outgoing network connections should be suspended immediately.

Most importantly, you must install reliable anti-spyware software which makes sure that you are protected realtime from any kind of spyware attacks.

How to tell if Phone is being monitored by someone else?

Spying apps are marketed in the name of parental control or to take care of elderly ones. These can be planted on your phone intentionally by someone. There are certain signs which your device might exhibit which should raise your suspicion. Follow Android spyware removal guide to get rid of it from your phone.

What is the best way to remove Spyware?

It is possible to find the culprit program manually and remove it however, it is suggested to install anti-spyware program as a best solution.

What are the dangers of Spyware?

Identity theft, Fraud, Deletion, theft and corruption of data are some of the effects of Spyware. In some cases, it can also cause slow or unusable computer.

How common is Spyware?

According to a survey by National Cyber-Security alliance, about 80% of all Internet users have their system affected by spyware. about 93% of spyware components are present in each of the computers, and 89% of the computer users were unaware of their existence.