Protects you from Malware
and Cyber Attacks

Protects your Mobile Device

from Hacker and Malware attacks. Keeps your personal data safe.

We recommend Total AV for upgraded security and better experience.

All-in-One Anti-Malware Software


Nothing annoys computer user other than forced ads and unwanted pop-up redirects. Adware Removal Tool Module built inside takes care of such nuisance for you.

Browser Cleaner

Your browsing experience should be clean and safe. Its Browser Hijacker removal tool cleans annoying ads, unwanted toolbar and search in one click.

Ransomware Protection

You shouldn’t have to pay to access your own data. The Anti-Ransomware Tool keeps Ransomware at a bay by providing active protection.

Rootkit Remover

Rootkit is a sneakiest malware designed to gain backdoor access to computer system. Prevent this from happening and undo the damages using our Rootkit Removal Tool.


We believe that computing experience should be safe and secure where private data is protected. Spyware Removal Tool takes care of privacy by removing spy programs.

Trojan Killer

Due to polymorphic nature, Antivirus programs often miss out Trojan ​infections. Trojan Remover can get rid of such infections from your computer.

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