MalwareFox Adware Removal Tool

Gets rid of Pop-up Ads and Redirects in one click!

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Cleans Browser

Browser Cleaner module scan and removes annoying ads, unwanted programs, tool bar and browser hijackers in one click.

Removes Adware

The adware removal tool detects hidden adware and Ad Blocker provides ad-free browsing and video watching experience.

Restores Performance

As you get rid of resource hogging adware infections, you gain back the lost power of computer system.

Adware Removal tool works on Windows / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad

How Adware Removal Works?

Adware Removal Steps

Cleans up your computer from adware infection with its Adware Removal Tool in just four simple steps.

what is adware

What is Adware?

Adware is an advertisement based software. Once installed, it starts showing ads in different forms like pop-up window or browser toolbar. Though annoying, but most of the adware are safe in nature. However, some adware might be engineered for wrong purposes like tracking browsing behavior, recording keystrokes or even hiding malware. They are categorised into potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

Software developers integrate ads or bundle another software into their programs to support development cost. However, some developers might use it to spread spam and encourage malicious activities.

Where does Adware come From?

Adware often comes bundled into a free software which gets installed automatically when the parent program is installed. Mostly, users are deluded by the wording while taking permission to install adware. For example: it may ask if you want to install additional bonus program or take benefit of discount offers.

You often fall for these wordings or don’t care about what may come in. This is how adware sneaks into your computer system.

where adware came from
detect adware

How to Recognize Adware?

It is very easy to recognize adware infected system. You can tell by seeing unwanted display ads coming out of nowhere. They will pop up and annoy you while working or you may notice a new toolbar on web browser. In some cases, you may find that web browser is redirecting you to unknown sites.

Ads can be easily closed by clicking on cross button. However, they cause slowdown of overall performance of computer especially in case of low configuration PCs.

How to Remove Adware?

Adware generally affect web browsers by bombarding it with ads. So, your first step of action should be looking out for unknown extension or addon and uninstall it. Secondly, it may be installed as a standalone program which can be found under list of installed programs.

However, things are not so easy in most of the cases. They might be hiding deep in system setting or registry which is difficult to remove manually. In that case, it is recommended to scan system with adware removal tool which detects and cleans adware.

Adware Protection

How to Protect from Adware?

Some preventive measures must be taken in order to avoid adware infections. First, while installing a freeware, look out for hidden checkbox which might say that you accept the installation of adware.

Secondly, install a reliable anti-adware protection and adware removal tool because infection might come from many ways while connected to internet. Keep real-time protection enabled which makes sure that no adware sneaks into your computer. Also manually scan the system time to time for extra protection.