MalwareFox Browser Hijacker Removal Tool

Gets rid of ​Fake Search Engine and Redirects in one click!

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Disinfects Browser

Removes Browser Hijacker permanently.
It also resets your browser preferences so that you can use your favorite home page and search engine without any hassle.


Prevents Fraud

​​Removes ​spying browser hijackers that monitor your online activities and share data with the attackers, including your banking information and other login details.

Clean Browsing Experience

Removal of browser hijackers makes your browser run faster and smoother. No more annoyance or forced redirects on FireFox or Google Chrome browser.

Browser Hijacker Removal tool works on Windows / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad

How Browser Hijacker Removal Works?

Browser Hijacker Removal Steps

Cleans up your computer from ​browser hijacker infection in just four simple steps.

what is adware

What is Browser Hijacker?

Browser hijacker is exactly what it sounds like- a redirect virus that takes control of your browser settings and makes certain changes that are advantageous to a certain attacker or marketer.

Different types of browser hijackers have different motives. Some of the most common ones by replace your default search engine with a different one, or download and install unwanted toolbars, bookmarks, etc. that can that offers monetary benefits to the attacker. 

Where does such Hijacker come From?

They usually get into your computer through two methods. In the first one, you are tricked into installing them through malicious links shared via emails, instant messages, or certain websites.

In the second method, they are bundled with a genuine software program that’s otherwise perfectly functional and usable but when you install it on your computer, you install the browser hijacker along with it as well. It affects Google Chrome, Firefox as well as Edge browser.

Browser Hijacker
Recognize Browser Hijackers

How to Recognize Browser Hijackers?

They can be identified by the modifications they perform on the web browsers. For instance, you may notice that the default homepage has been changed to a certain online store, or an adult website, or a particular search engine, etc. You may also notice unfamiliar toolbar(s), plugins, extensions, in the browser, etc.

Browser hijackers also tend to cause stability issues, crashes, etc. that may affect your internet surfing experience. So, that’s another symptom to look out for.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker?

You can start with uninstalling any unrecognized toolbars, software, etc. you find by checking your browser settings or list of programs installed on your computer through the control panel. If the default homepage and/or search engine is changed, they can try to switch it back to the original one by opening settings and making the appropriate changes.

​Some advanced browser hijackers can also change the proxy or DNS server settings so that you access the Internet from rogue web servers owned by the attackers for malicious purposes including targeted advertisements, data collection, etc.

However, you can easily verify and resolve this if needed by launching “Internet Options” from the “Network and Internet” of the Control Panel, clicking on the network connection used and then the “properties” button to open the TCP/IPv4 settings. Make sure that the “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and “Obtain IP address automatically” are enabled.

The problem with such hijackers is that they are usually quite stubborn. So, even if you apply all these “fixes”, you may not get the results you want. For instance, you may change the default homepage from the browser settings but as soon as you restart the program, it may get reset and the homepage is changed back to the one selected by the malware. In addition to that, there is always the risk of dangerous malware programs such as key-loggers.

The safest and simplest way to remove browser hijackers is to run a complete system scan with a reliable antivirus program. Download and Using MalwareFox along with it can increase the security multifold by giving you real-time protection and preventing a hijacker from infecting your web browsers like Google Chrome in the first place.

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How to Protect from ​Browser Hijacker?

One of the most important things you must do to protect your computer from not just browser hijackers but also the other types of malware is to keep your OS, browser, and antivirus programs up to date. Since browser hijackers are often installed with bundled programs, you must download the software from the trusted sources.

Secondly, keep realtime antimalware protection installed to prevent Google Chrome and Firefox from getting infected.