How Secure is Windows 10?

Windows 10 drastically changed a lot of elements in a traditional Windows Operating System. Learning from the missteps of Windows 8, its features are sleek, robust, and fast. It aims to replace the seven-year-old Windows 7.Unlike Windows 7, which was meant to be an incremental upgrade to Windows Vista’s shortcomings, Windows 10 took new steps … Read more

How to Remove Malware from Windows 10

The rapidly growing numbers of new internet users every day is consistently astounding. It has consequentially led improvements in the grounds for the web oriented applications also. Thus the world has eventually become more dependent on the online platform. However, it has also created an equally large number of opportunities for cyber criminals to hack … Read more

5 Best Password Managers For Windows 10

It can be a headache to create a secure unique password for every account and then memorizing it. Imagine the horror when you’re locked out because you can’t remember the password. In this post, I’ll be sharing the five best password managers for Windows for an ultimate solution for you.  A password manager will essentially … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

It should not come as a surprise when I say kids just love the Internet. With an island of information available online, your child can access a variety of information which may include unwanted categories like pornography, gambling, racism, hate, violence, and more dangerous content.As a parent, it is understandable to have concerns for your … Read more

3 Steps to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

Most of our online presence revolves around emails. We use email from signing-up to social media to opening an online bank portal. There is a tremendous amount of information exchanged over email. Contacts saved in email accounts are equally valuable.Since Google’s introduction of Gmail in 2004, it has evolved into an all-around service. It became … Read more

Antivirus vs Firewall

Are you confused between the two terms: Antivirus and Firewall? You may already know that Firewalls help you control network traffic but what about protection from viruses? And Antiviruses detect malicious files and virus but doesn’t it monitor network traffic as well? While both Firewall and Antivirus are part of the CyberSecurity methods that protect your … Read more

How to Protect Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the Internet. It even surpassed Google as the most visited website back in 2010. Its unprecedented and continuous growth is due to its updates and improvements. The current form of Facebook looks very different from its first version.At its core is social interaction. Users actively share … Read more