Lista de Tipos de Malware

En pocas palabras, el malware es solo un montón de malas noticias empaquetadas como software. Se trata de códigos maliciosos cuyo propósito es dañar al usuario, sistema o red. Aunque no son nada nuevo, lo preocupante es su continua evolución hacia nuevas y más sigilosas formas de amenazas. Para combatir las ciber-amenazas en tu empresa se … Read more

What is Adware?

A massive amount of online revenue comes from advertisements. Google gets 95% of its income from online advertising. Companies often have online ad campaigns to push their products and services to potential customers. You encounter as much as 1,700 banner ads per month. As such, catching your attention is a top priority of ads. Eventually, … Read more

5 Best Anti-Ransomware Protection Software

Malicious software has evolved from a pure annoyance to something that is financially damaging. Cybercriminals have targeted individual users in the past. Lately, they are becoming bolder and more aggressive in their attacks. They’ve begun developing more potent versions of malware in the past. In recent years, they created a new type of malware: the … Read more

Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes

Every day, your machine is vulnerable to countless attacks. Hackers are getting better at taking advantage of weaknesses in your system. You encounter threats even when you are just browsing casually. It is necessary to effectively set-up anti-malware to protect yourself from the ever-evolving threats online. There are several options on an excellent anti-malware. Sometimes, … Read more

How to Remove AdChoices Pop-Ups

A large part of the Internet monetization is through advertisements. From large companies to small business owners earn from ads. Even digital entrepreneurs get a significant portion of their revenue from ads. For example, Invesp reported that 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. That is a considerable percentage of their income. A typical web … Read more

5 Best Trojan Removal Tools

Computer security is rapidly becoming a significant concern. Companies and enterprise organizations are not the only ones with digital security concerns. Consumers are now under constant threat from malicious software. Malware evolved from practically harmless threats to potent variants like ransomware. Modern operating systems have increased security systems. Updates and patches are available on a … Read more

10 Hacking Techniques Used By Cyber Criminals

“Today, I’ll share the top 10 hacking techniques used by Cyber criminals to penetrate unauthorized zones and infiltrate your personal information using various methods.” A quite common occurrence nowadays is the ease with which hackers can get access to unauthorized zones and steal your personal information including credit cards, financial information, and other confidential data. I … Read more

5 Best Spyware Scanners

Spyware is a type of malware that is difficult to detect. It lives on your computer to collect information. Your browsing habits, passwords, personal information, and online shopping transactions are some of the data recorded by spyware. The spyware sent this data to an external server where hackers can use the information to infiltrate your … Read more