MalwareFox ​Trojan Remover

​Finds hidden Trojans inside computer and removes them

​Are you seeing unexpected changes or increased activities on computer?

​It must be Trojan working in stealth mode inside.

Here's What MalwareFox ​Trojan Remover does for you

​Protects Computer

​By keeping real-time protection enabled, you are assured to be safe while browsing the internet.

Removes ​Trojan

​No matter, what kind of Trojan hiding, MalwareFox detects it from deep down and clean computer.

Restores Performance

​By lowering down the number of activities run maliciously, computer processor can work more effectively.

How ​Trojan Remover Works?

adware removal procedure

Cleans up your computer from adware infection in just four simple steps.

What is ​Trojan Virus?

Trojan horse, sometimes referred as Trojan virus hides malware in normal file. It appears to be harmless but in fact, malicious which is designed to change computer settings, make unusual activities. They are aimed at taking control of user’s computer, stealing data and inserting malware into the computer system.

Some common activities by Trojan are creating a backdoor access, downloading content without permission, stealing private information, giving access to hacker remotely or conducting DDoS attack.

Where does ​Trojan come From?

Trojan comes attached with legitimate app lookalike however it is a fake version which is loaded with malware. Cyber criminals take advantage of pirate markets, warez site and free download repository to spread the Trojan infection.

It can also come inside an innocent looking email attachment. Once downloaded, it executes and performs the task designed by attacker.

How to Recognize Adware?

Trojan can look like just about anything - Computer game you downloaded from strange website or a movie file you got from a torrent.

If you are noticing unusual changes in computer settings or seeing a strong activity when computer is idle, it must be a Trojan in action.

How to Remove ​Trojan?

As the user is often unaware about the Trojan’s presence in computer, finding it manually is close to impossible. You need a reliable antimalware software like MalwareFox to detect and get rid of it completely.

Run a complete scan of computer with MalwareFox and you should be able to find Trojans hiding inside. One click should be able to remove them from the computer.

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How to Protect from ​Trojan?

Stay away from questionable sites and unknown sender’s mail attachments. Pirated material and warez sites are the most targeted places of hackers to distribute Trojans.

Keep the antivirus program updated and real-time protection enabled on MalwareFox antimalware. Monitor outgoing connection with Firewall and block any suspicious activity as you find it.


Why MalwareFox ​Trojan Removal Tool?

  • All in one antimalware solution to get rid of any malware hiding inside Trojan.
  • Extensive detection capabilities to scan files and suspicious objects​.
  • Lightweight: Low system resource usage and doesn't hamper computer performance.