Geek Squad Email Scam : How to Deal and Protect Yourself

What is Geek Squad Email Scam?

We analysed the email and discovered that it is disguised as a message from Geek Squad, a Best Buy subsidiary (a consumer electronics corporation). The objective of this email is to deceive users into dialling the number mentioned (contacting scammers). It must be simply ignored. This email has nothing to do with Geek Squad.

The bogus emails bear the Geek Squad logo and claim that the recipient’s Geek Total Protection subscription has been automatically renewed. As a result, the services were charged at the rate of $499.99. To make the false claim appear more authentic, the deceptive emails include invented details such as an invoice number, renewal date, service name, and so on.

GeekSquad Email Scam

When alerted about a substantial transaction, the scammers’ targets become anxious and call the con artists right away to learn more about the transaction or to make a timely cancellation. This is where fraudsters prey on them. Following that, the fraud might take numerous shapes, but the eventual goal of the hackers is to extract as much money as possible from their victims.

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How does Geek Squad Email Scam Work?

Scammers tell victims that a transaction has already been made from their account as soon as they call them on their phone number. Scammers convince their victims that the only way out is to cancel the transaction. The recipients naturally nod in agreement with that proposal.

They start by asking respondents about their personal information; however, officials should never request confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. over the phone.

Some classic fraudsters tell their victims that they need access to the target’s computer to cancel subscriptions since they are unable to do so themselves. The cybercriminal may simply claim that the transaction was caused by an unusual PC malfunction. They recommend providing them remote access to your computer to solve the problem since they are concerned that it will happen again.

Once their targets give them access, the con artists have full control over how far they will go to take advantage of them. They may conduct large bank transactions, install harmful software to continue scamming users, demand money for remote service given, or levy cancellation costs.

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How to avoid Geeksquad Email Scam?

If you’ve gotten an email purportedly from Geek Squad and suspect it’s a scam, you’ve already done half the work.

Whatever you do, do not submit personal information via email or any other medium, and do not respond to the same email or contact the number provided.

If you share the computer with someone else, block the sender to prevent them from mistakenly falling victim to the scam.

To sum it up, then, ignoring the Geek Squad scam email and blocking the sender is the best way to avoid it.

What to do if you became victim of this Scam?

  • If you’ve just spoken with the fraudsters, don’t do whatever they tell you to.
  • Block the number you just called to prevent scammers from contacting you again.
  • If you’ve supplied personal information, such as credit card details, contact your bank and have your funds frozen.
  • If you got software or files from an email, scan your machine for viruses.
  • You should not use the same login information for several accounts, yet many individuals do. If you joined up using a link supplied to you by email, change your login information right away.
  • To avoid scammers from accidentally filming you, momentarily disable your webcam if it is activated.

The pointers listed above for detecting a Geek Squad email scam also apply to other phishing scams. So be on the lookout for them and avoid them at all costs.