iforgot.apple Email Scam : How to Protect

Article Summary

  1. What is it? iforgot.apple Email is a fake message and the recipient’s account doesn’t need any attention.
  2. What to do? Ignore and delete the message. Do not reply or download any file attachment.
  3. How to stay safe? You are good just by not taking any action. However, it is recommended to scan your device using powerful antivirus program. We recommend TotalAV which has Identity Protection and Webshield.

What is iforgot.apple Email Scam?

The “iforgot.apple” email scam is a phishing attempt that sends fake emails that look like they came from Apple, to try to get Apple users to give away their login information. The emails usually say that the user’s Apple ID has been locked or disabled and ask them to click on a link to verify their account information.

The email has nothing to do with Apple® official company.

Cyber criminals send out bulk emails disguised as Apple ID Support making false claims about the account status. It could say that the Password has been reset, or Account has been blocked, or Logged in from another device/region, or requires verification.

The sole motive of the sender is to get the recipient to click the link/button in the email. This click then could lead to phishing page, malicious download, or something unwanted.

Threat Analysis

Threat TypeScam, Spam, Phishing, Fraud, Social Engineering,
ClaimUser’s Apple ID is at risk that requires immediate attention.
DisguiseOfficial Apple ID Support
GoalStealing Login credentials / Hacking
Distribution MethodSpam Emails / Attachments
DamageLoss of confidential private data, financial loss, and identity theft.
Ignore the email and delete any attachments if you have downloaded. If you want to make sure that there was no malicious activity -
Download MalwareFox to detect all possible Malware infections.

How iforgot.apple Scam Works?

Scammers send out emails claiming that the user’s account need urgent attention. The reason behind it could be one of the following:

  • Account logged in Different Browser / Region / Device
  • Account is Blocked / Limited / Restricted for Security reasons
  • Account needs a change of Password or re-verification

To fix the problem, users are instructed to use their Apple IDs and passwords to sign in to their Apple accounts through a fake website.

When the user clicks on the link, they are taken to a fake website that looks like Apple’s login page. The user is then asked for their Apple ID and password, which the scammers then use to steal their information.

If they are successful, cybercriminals will be able to use these accounts to get into the App Store (to buy things), iMessage (to manage messages), iCloud (to access files stored there), and so on.

How to Avoid iforgot.apple Scam?

If you have a doubt on the legitimacy of an email, just ignore it. That’s enough.

Not acting upon the email is the best you can do. Scammers cannot do anything unless you click the link.

  How to Spot Fake Apple ID Phishing Scams

To avoid falling for this scam, be wary of any email or message that asks for personal information, especially if it comes from someone you didn’t ask for it. Before you click on any links or enter any login information, you should always make sure the sender and the message are real. If you’re not sure whether you’re being sent to a fake or genuine site, go straight to the official Apple website and log in from there.

What to do if you Lost Account to Scam?

Even the smartest of us can give up on their login credentials to the hackers by entering it on the fake page. It is possible that you were in hurry and became victim of this scam.

Don’t worry, you haven’t lost everything yet.

First and foremost, reset your Apple Password by visiting official website. This time, set the password which is difficult to crack. You can use the Password Strength Tester to achieve it.

Check for any App store transactions or new apps installation.

Revoke access and remove any suspicious apps you find in the list.

How does Fake Apple Email work?

Scammers send out bulk emails to apple users asking the to click on link which takes them to phishing page designed to look like Apple official site. This trap can lead of account hacking, confidential and private info leak, and financial theft.

What may Happen if someone hacks your Apple ID?

Hackers can use these accounts to access App Store (make purchases), iMessage (manage messages), iCloud (gain access to files stored on it), and so on.