How to Remove Webhelper Virus

Worried about the Webhelper virus compromising the security of your system? This malicious virus gets downloaded into your system through unknown email links and attachments. While it can invade your system aiming to steal sensitive data such as passwords and usernames, you must know how to get rid of it with ease. Here is all you need to know about it.

Article Summary

  1. What is it? Webhelper is a dangerous virus that can spread very easily in the whole system and cause troubles like recording keystrokes, stealing your sensitive data, and displaying unnecessary pop-up ads on the system screen.
  2. How to Remove? Getting rid of the web helper is not a huddle. You can easily perform it by scanning the system and uninstalling the virus where it is located to keep the system protected. For this process, you need a decent antivirus program that can easily detect the virus at the earliest stage and prevent your system against it.
  3. How to Stay Protected? For keeping the system protected you need to ensure that you do not download any unrecognised harmful files that might allow a virus to breach your system’s security. You must also ensure not to click on any suspicious email attachments or links as it can affect the privacy of your system.

What is Webhelper Virus?

The webhelper virus is a that works in the background of your system where it manages the pop-up that is being displayed on the system screen. Not only this, but the webhelper virus also occupies a greater section of the CPU which can contain sensitive information such as your bank details and password.

How to Remove Webhelper Virus

One of the most common examples of a web helper virus is that several websites allow users to download the latest movies, songs, and shows that are free of cost but these downloaded files might contain malicious files that can replicate themselves in your system. This is one of the ways by which a virus can easily enter your system and steal sensitive data without your knowledge.

Threat Analysis

NameWebhelper Virus
Threat TypeSpyware / Trojan
SymptomsPop Up Advertisement/Reduction of system speed
Distribution MethodFile downloads / Software Installation
DamageRecord activities / Steal sensitive data
RemovalScanning your system with a decent antivirus or using Trojan Removal Program to scan full computer.

How did I get Infected?

The simplest notifications in your system can lead to the entry of frustrating viruses. These notifications or ads can gain direct access to your system. Even with just a click, they can invade the whole system resulting in the compromise of your privacy.

The web helper virus reaches the system through two components which are listed below:

  1. Webhelper.dll: This webhelper is responsible for various pop-ups and ads that are being displayed on the system screen that can even automate the system. This program reinstalls webhelper when it is being uninstalled from the system.
  1. Utorrentie.exe: The Utorrentie.exe runs in the background displaying annoying ads and slowing down the system process. It is a component of BitTorrent and displays ads for UTorrent clients.

How to Remove the Webhelper Virus?

Manually removing threats may be a time-consuming and difficult task that needs expert-level computer knowledge. So, we recommend professional antivirus program like TotalAV which can detect and remove all traces of virus infection. It can finish the task for you in just one click.

In this article, we will cover the easiest and simplest way to remove the webhelper virus from your system. Here are all the relevant steps that you must follow to manually remove the webhelper virus from your system.

Fix the Reinstallation of Webhelper Virus

Some users even complain that the webhelper gets reinstalled even after being uninstalled several times. In case you are the one who is facing this problem, you need to perform the following steps:

  • On the keyboard press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”. This will display the task manager on your screen.
  • End the UTorrent task under the “Process” bar.
  • Search for “Utorrentie.exe” In the search bar and press Enter key.
  • Right-click on the file and from the drop-down menu click on “Open file location”.
  • Right-click on the screen and then click on New>Text document and save it as a new file “new.txt”.
  • Open this new file and click on File> Save as.
  • A dialogue box will open to specify “Save as type” as “All files” and “Filename” as “Utorrentie.exe”. Press Enter.
  • A pop-up displaying the following message will appear: “Utorrentie.exe already exists. Do you want to replace it?” Click on “Yes”. 
  • Right-click on “Utorrentie.exe” and then click on the “Properties” tab.
  • Under the “General” tab click on “Read-only”.
  • Click on “Apply” and then finally on the “Okay” button.

Through the above steps, the “Utorrentie.exe” will be replaced with a blank file that won’t function anymore. Thus protecting your system from harmful viruses.


As mentioned earlier, recovering from the webhelper is an easy process with just a few clicks but being on the safe side is important therefore proper precautions should always be taken. You must research well before downloading anything from the internet as your minor ignorance may result in your data getting compromised. In addition to this, you must remain aware of fake scams and notifications that are being displayed on your system.
In case you find a reduction in the speed of your system or any unwanted ads then it is advised to scan your system through an antimalware program to prevent any type of malicious attack on your system.


What is a webhelper in a task manager?

The webhelper in the task manager is a malicious virus that records your keystrokes and actions. While the virus might aim to steal sensitive data from your system, it must be taken care of at an early stage.

Which is the best antivirus program to remove webhelper?

The best way to remove the webhelper malicious virus is by downloading and installing an isolated antivirus program which will not only remove the webhelper virus but it can also protect your system against other viruses that are affecting your system. This antivirus provides excellent protection to your device.

Is UTorrent a harmful virus?

No, UTorrent is not a harmful virus, instead, it is a download manager that helps users to download files from various websites across the internet. Out of these websites, some can be corrupted and can contain harmful viruses that can disrupt the proper functioning of your system.