What is Trojan Dropper? How to Get Rid of It?

Trojan dropper is a malware source that has posed one of the most notable threats people and companies encounter. It is designed to drop and install additional malware onto a victim’s computer, usually without the consent or knowledge of the user. Read on to learn what Trojan-dropper is, how it works, and, importantly, how to get rid of it. 

What is Trojan Dropper?

A Trojan dropper, also known as a dropper, is a malicious program structured to deliver and install malware to a victim’s phone, device, or computer. Droppers are usually Trojans. These Trojans are programs that appear as an application or software that is beneficial to the user. There are two ways the Trojan-dropper functions: 

  1. The dropper stores the malware code so virus scanners cannot detect it.
  2. The dropper downloads and installs the malware onto the targeted computer once activated.
Trojan Dropper

Types of Trojan-Dropper 

There are two types of trojan droppers. They include:

  • Persistent droppers: This type of trojan dropper is the most dangerous. When the device is checked, it copies itself into a hidden file. However, even if removed, it reinstalls itself upon rebooting the system.
  • Nonpersistent droppers: This type of dropper is less dangerous. Once uninstalled through payload from the infected device, it cannot reinstall itself. 

How Does a Device/Computer Get Infected with Trojan-Dropper? 

A Trojan displays itself as a harmless app, software, or program to penetrate a computer or device. However, hidden beneath its legitimate surface are malicious codes that can harm your devices. 

It is important to note that the trojan dropper is harmless itself, but the malware it deploys is harmful to your computer or device. Trojan attacks begin with downloading and installing the supposed legitimate software while it goes ahead to execute the malware.

Threat Analysis 

Threat typeInstallation of Malware into a device without the user’s consent.The impedance of Malware detection during installation.Neutralization of device defense.
SymptomsNew programs not installed by the user running in the device.
Distribution MethodVia clicking malicious links, installing unknown programs, inserting infected drives, and opening spam-associated attachments.
DamageInfects devices and steals users’ data.Disrupts the device’s performance Delete files on your computer.
RemovalScan Computer using Trojan removal tool.

How to Get Rid of the Trojan Dropper in an Infected Device? 

Manually removing threats may be a time-consuming and difficult task that needs expert-level computer knowledge. So, we recommend professional antivirus program like TotalAV which can detect and remove all traces of virus infection. It can finish the task for you in just one click.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get rid of the Trojan dropper virus in an infected device.

Step 1: Boot your system in Safe Mode 

This is to deter the Trojan dropper malicious services and drivers from loading during startup.

To boot your device in Safe Mode-

  • Enter Windows Recovery Environment 
  • Click the “Troubleshoot” Option on the Choose an Option screen.
  • Click the “Advanced” option on the Troubleshoot screen.
  • Click the “Startup setting” option on the Advanced screen.
  • Click the “Restart” option on the Startup setting page.
  • After restarting, click “Option 5” to enter Safe Mode Networking.

What Else Can I Do to Avoid Trojan-Dropper Malware?

There is no guarantee that your device will never be affected by a Trojan dropper. However, you can massively reduce the chances of it by considering and implementing the right security measures on your devices.

  1. Use a firewall: A firewall will analyze and filter data, programs, and files received and sent by your device via the internet. This will help reduce infection of dropper malware.
  2. Use an updated and reliable antivirus: It is highly recommended to use a good quality antivirus and keep it updated to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats. A good antivirus like TotalAV will fill gaps in its defenses and offer extra protection against sneakier security risks.
  3. Be careful when installing programs/software apps: When installing apps and programs, read through the screen and the license agreements. Some installation options indicate any third-party software installed alongside your apps or programs.


Trojan droppers are malicious software that deploys malware on a victim’s device or computer without their knowledge or consent. They are often concealed as legitimate files, apps, links, or software which are difficult to detect and eject. Suppose you suspect your device has been attacked by a Trojan dropper. In that case, it is necessary to immediately execute preventive measures like using an up-to-date and good antivirus like TotalAV to prevent further damage.

Is Trojan Dropper a malware?

Trojan droppers are not malware and do not carry out malicious activities on a victim’s computer. Instead, they simply deploy the malware through programs, software, and links that will cause damage to the user, their device, or their data.

How do I know when my computer has been infected withTrojan Dropper?

Once any new programs that you did not install run on your system, it could be a trojan dropper.

How does Trojan-Dropper harm my device?

When the Trojan Dropper has been installed on your device, it performs harmful actions such as spying on its user, backdooring the computer, and performing various types of damage.