Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A: How to Detect and Remove

When a malicious software program like Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A infects your device or computer, it damages your files, steals sensitive data and attacks your Microsoft Office spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Additionally, it can provide hackers with access to your infected computer. Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A is a form of the DPLink brood of malware. It is a trojan that is tricky to notice and remove.  

This article will analyze how to identify if your device has been attacked with Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A. It will also provide a detailed guide on how to remove it from your computer. Read on to learn how to safeguard your computer from the damaging effects of this Trojan.

Trojan_ O97M_DPLink.A

An Overview of Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A 

Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A” is the code name of a type of Trojan virus. It is a type of Trojan horse malware that mostly attacks  Microsoft Office documents, especially those created with Microsoft Word. 

The Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A virus is known for its proficiency in avoiding detection by various antivirus software. This is because it uses different obfuscation strategies to conceal its malicious code. Its typical behaviors include:

  • It downloads and installs other malware which will damage your devices.
  • It uses your device for internet fraud.
  • It keeps track of your keystrokes and the websites you visit.
  • Sends data about your computer, including passwords, usernames and browsing history, to a remote malicious hacker.
  • Enables remote access to your computer.
  • Advertising flags are infiltrated with the web pages that you are clicking on.
  • It uses your device to mine cryptocurrencies.

How Does Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A Infect Devices?

The Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A is naturally spread via infected email attachments or malicious links. Other sources are software cracks and the installation of unknown programs. 

You should note that once the Trojan virus infects a device or computer, it will only allow an attacker to take control of the system and steal sensitive data. It can also develop a backdoor on the affected device, which gives the attacker round-the-clock remote access to the system.

How to Detect the Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A Virus on Your Device? 

Suppose you notice the following activities on your device. In that case, there is a probability your computer has been attacked by the Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A virus.

  • Slow computer: The Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A virus downloads malicious software, which takes a lot of resources from your computer. This will result in your computer running slowly.
  • Some applications won’t run: This Trojan virus will deter programs from running from the Desktop or Start menu. Also, some programs you didn’t execute will run without your consent.
  • Internet pop-up ads: This malware will facilitate multiple pop-up ads when browsing the internet. You will also get recurring messages advertising products saying your device is infected.
  • The computer acts independently: The Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A malware lets your device have a mind of its own. You will notice your computer shuts down, launches software you did not execute, or prints documents you did not mail to the printer.

Threat Analysis 

NameTrojan: O97M/DPLink.A
Threat typeInstallation of malware and spyware Into a device without the user’s consent.Steals computer’s passwords. Trojan malware.
SymptomsIt cannot be detected most of the time.
Distribution MethodVia clicking infected email links, installing unknown programs, software cracks, and malicious online advertisements.
DamageInfects devices and steals users’ data.Identity theft because your password has been hackedThe attacked computer can be added to a botnet.
RemovalScan computer using Anti-Malware program and remove all the traces.

How to Remove Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A from an Infected Device? 

Manually removing threats may be a time-consuming and difficult task that needs expert-level computer knowledge. So, we recommend professional antivirus program like TotalAV which can detect and remove all traces of virus infection. It can finish the task for you in just one click.

You can follow the steps below to get rid of this trojan manually.

For Windows 8/10/11-

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings by right-clicking the “Start” button/ select Settings.

Step 2: On the screen (Settings page), click “App” then “App & Features”.

Step 3: In Apps & Features settings, scroll down to the app list and find unknown, malicious or suspicious programs. You can search and sort by installation date. 

Step 4: When you discover a malicious program (software or file you know you did not download or install), select the three dots button beside it and click “Uninstall” in the menu that displays.

Step 5:  The next message box will guide you to uninstall this malware completely. Read thoroughly and ensure you confirm the uninstall process by clicking on Uninstall.

Step 6: Proceed to clear the cache on your browser. Remove spam notifications and malicious extensions, and alter any settings modified by malware to default.

How to Prevent Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A from Infecting Your Device? 

While we can’t totally protect our devices and computers from the attack of the Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A malware, we can always be a step ahead by preventing it from infecting your device. Below are steps to help you prevent Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A from infiltrating your computer.

Update your software and operating systems

Keep your computer system and applications updated. You should download and install an update when it is released for your device. These updates often integrate security fixes, support, vulnerability patches, and other essential maintenance.

Use a reliable antivirus and update it frequently

It’s essential to use an adequate quality antivirus and keep it updated to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats. TotalAV is an efficient antivirus tool that provides detection, removal and real-time protection from Trojan malware, viruses, etc.

TotalAV poses a threat to the Trojan virus trying to infect your computer. It will fill in any gaps in its defenses and offer extra protection against sneakier security threats.

Be cautious about what you download

You have to be careful of what app or software you download. Cybercriminals trick you into downloading and installing malware masked like legitimate programs or apps.

Back up your data

Back up your information and data often and ensure that your backup data can be restored. This process can be done manually on an outer HDD/USB stick or automatically using backup software. 

Choose strong passwords

Deploy strong and unusual passwords for each of your device accounts. Avoid entering personal data or easily guessed words or figures as your passwords. Utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts to get notifications in case of hackers.


Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A is a dangerous malware that can cause serious harm to your computer and compromise sensitive information. Protecting your computer by keeping your antivirus software updated and scanning your computer regularly is important. Additionally, if you suspect your computer has been infected with Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A, immediately remove it to prevent further damage.

What is Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A?

Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A is a Trojan horse that deploys malware that targets and destroys Microsoft Office documents, specifically those created with Microsoft Word and infects your computer.

How does Trojan: O97M/DPLink.A infect your device?

Through clicking infected email links, installing unknown programs, and malicious online advertisement popups.

How can you prevent Trojan: O97M/DPLink?A from attacking your device?

You should update your system regularly, back up your data, use a dependable antivirus and choose a strong password.