Aggressive Detection,Complete Protection

Pro-Active Technology

Antivirus programs rely on signature based technology for detection purpose; so it works only when certain infection is in their database.

This method is not effective for unknown malware responsible for Zero-day attacks. Moreover, it works only when the threat is executed. On other hand, MalwareFox employs heuristic technology and behavior detection along with cloud power which enabled it to detect almost any kind of malware even before it can act or infect the system.

1. Ransomware Protection

Detects and blocks Ransomware threats by behavior monitoring technology​

2. Browser Hijacker Protection

Keeps web browsing safe and secure by removing ad pop-ups, Homepage changes and Search redirection.

3. Advanced Malware Removal

Aggressive detection technology finds any kind of malware including but not limited to spyware, adware and rootkits.

4. Zero Day Attack Protection

Analyze unknown files in cloud before they execute on computer system and blocks before they can spread infection.

Smart Detection

The benefit of using MalwareFox is that it uses Cloud database for analyzing and detection which makes it lightweight on the computer system. Thousands of users connected with MalwareFox provide information about file detection from around the world. This makes us bigger, stronger and smarter to have response against unknown malware.


More than 152K infections detection or blocked.


4.3K Downloads of MalwareFoxper day worldwide (average).


161K+ Computer installationsin period of one year.

What our users are saying about us:

Program is excellent, ESET Smart Security 10 and Malwarebytes 2.2 failed to recognize malware which was present in all browsers. Malwarefox has successfully solved, as well as several other hidden threats. – Zdravko from Croatia


The most safe Malware detector I have ever seen in my life! This has saved me from a lot of malware! Thank you MalwareFox.

Joshua Fritz USA

MalwareFox is handy malware scanner that successfully identified and handled ransomware files during our tests, sending them to the quarantine in no time.

Vlad Constantinescu

Trust Score – 8.6 / 10

Ranked in Top 100 Products in Software Category

Voted as #1 Trojan Removal Tool

Voted as #2 Malware Removal Tool (Windows)