How Many Ads do we See in a Day?

Have you ever wondered how many ads does an individual see in a day? Whether it’s online or offline, ads have covered all the blank spaces in our worlds. In this article, we will focus on daily ads exposure on the web.

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The number varies by the place we live, what we do and how we spend time online.

A report published on NY Times in 2007 says that an average modern user sees almost 5000 ads in a day.

Even in 2019, I cannot believe that we see five thousands ads in a day. I agree that the statistics consisted of all offline as well as online ads but number seems quite high.

Another exaggerated article comes from Ron Marshall who claims to have seen 487 ads even before his breakfast. I am calling it exaggerated because that article itself is an advertisement to pitch his own marketing agency. Numbers have been hyped to conclude how a general individual misses out on so many ads and how brands can use their services to stand out.

Exact number of ads seen per day is not easy to count but 5000 ads in a day is nearly impossible. Even Bizjournal and Telesian agrees here with me. They go further and estimate that we see 300-700 ad messages per day.

An average modern individual is estimated to see 1000 advertisements including offline billboards, Television, Radio and even the online ad bombardment.

This is further backed by the number stated by Stopad (ad block program). They claim that their software blocks an average of 200 ads per user in a day on desktop devices. So, if we consider same amount for each channel, it should not go beyond a thousand.

Are Ads Effective?

Even if we consider an exposure of 1000 ads in a day, how many ad messages do you really recall?

It should not be more than 1% of the total which shows how ineffective have become ads in general.

With an enormous number of ads craving for our attention, we tend to ignore most of them. This behavior is called as Banner Blindness where user subconsciously miss out on banner like information.

Adware – Still one of the Biggest Threat?

Though ads are becoming ineffective as we tend to ignore them but that has a counter-action. Advertisers are using different techniques to gain user attention by becoming more louder.

According to Malwarebytes, Adware is still one of the biggest threats in two of the Top 10 countries of the world.

Take an example of Agent Smith adware which recently made into news for hitting 15 million Android devices alone in India. Though adware isn’t necessarily an immediate threat to users, even when it’s on their devices, it opens the door for attackers to add other malicious functionality in the future that could endanger users’ data or accounts.

Alternate Approach

Being sick and tired of so many ads, users tend to opt for adware removal tool and ad blocking programs. The later one gets rid of even the genuine advertisements on the web which are not actually malicious. This certainly hits the consumer industry making them lose access to the potential customers.

Not only the advertisers but also the platforms hosting the ads especially the social networks are hit by this behavior.

CEO of Hootsuite suggests that platforms should opt for diversified sources of income instead of relying only on ads.

For consumers, I would not suggest going for ad blocker which actually ruins the display of some webpages. Also, it might happen that certain sites won’t allow you to enter unless ad blocker is disabled. With that said, you must get rid of adware which causes intrusive ad display and irritating pop-ups.

Viable solution could be paying for the use so that you can get ad-free experience. Many websites will offer you an ad-free version for a nominal cost. It keeps the business alive and user gets to see no ads.

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