5 Best Ad Blockers for Edge Browser

While browsing the internet on Microsoft Edge, the frequent pop-up advertisements act as a hindrance to the browsing experience of the users.

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These advertisements often mislead the users and ultimately waste their time by misleading them. But there is a solution to this problem. With the help of some useful Ad blockers for Microsoft Edge, these advertisements can be easily blocked. These ad blockers can either be installed on your system or you can add them as an extension on your Edge browser.

Here is all you need to know about these amazing tools and how they can improve your browsing journey on Microsoft Edge.


AdGuard can be one of your prime choices for getting rid of advertisements on Microsoft Edge once and for all. This efficient AdGuard tool comes equipped with a lot of qualities to ensure users’ privacy along with blocking every kind of advertisement on your browser. Its key features include:

  • A very light and fast tool that can be easily installed on your browser as an extension. 
  • AdGuard is capable of blocking advertisements of every category including videos, floating ads, banner ads, text advertisements, and any other type of advertisement.
  • Along with blocking ads, this tool also ensures that your privacy is not compromised in any manner. It does so by keeping track of third-party cookies and blocking potential spyware, and adware. 
  • AdGuard also constantly updates you about any malicious or unreliable websites that you might visit and that can be a threat to your system.

Total AdBlock

Total AdBlock is another excellent consideration when it comes to choosing an advanced Ad blocker for your browser. This excellent tool has a bunch of features to prove its worth in the list of some best Ad Blockers.

  • Along with preventing any type of advertisements from appearing on your browser, AdBlock also enhances the page loading time of websites to make your browsing experience fast.
  • This ad blocker also prevents you from being tracked over the internet thereby protecting your privacy at all costs. 
  • Total AdBlock is available at a very minimal cost and the benefits of it are immense.
  • You can also customize your browsing experience by selecting specific ads which you want to see and blocking the rest.
  • Total AdBlock also lets you control your browser notifications and prevent them from popping at regular intervals.

Note : It is included for FREE with TotalAV


An interesting ad blocker with an interesting name, Ghostery offers some of the most advanced features when it comes to enhancing your browsing journey. 

  • Ghostery is available to be used on your Microsoft Edge browser for both PCs and smartphones. This means a competitive advertisement-free experience regardless of the device you use.
  • Ghostery ensures that information trackers are unable to obtain your personal information therefore not letting advertisement companies show you unwanted ads.
  • This ad blocker also enhances your browsing experience by making it faster and safer. Since it increases the loading speed of websites and makes them cleaner for a better experience.
  • Ghostery also constantly keeps you updated with the number of websites it blocked or the number of times your system was prevented from a threat. This keeps you ensured that this tool is performing its task well.
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uBlock Origin

uBlock is an open-source ad blocker tool. By open source, it means that the tool constantly upgrades itself through the contribution of its community members.

  • One of the key features of uBlock includes its memory-saving capability. uBlock can save a lot of energy on your CPU thereby making its life longer and more durable.
  • This ad blocker does not demand a lot of space on your system and is, therefore, a very lightweight tool that can be easily supported by any system.
  • uBlock Origin also lets you customize your advertising experience as you are free to decide when you want ads to show up on your browser and when you want to block them.
  • You can also filter shown on your browser according to your choice.


Equipped with advanced clean-web technology, Surfshark is all you need to browse through the internet on Microsoft Edge.

  • This excellent tool is capable of detecting advertisements even before they can load on any website.
  • Surfshark is capable of blocking every type of advertisement even when you surf the internet on your television.
  • Along with an ad blocker, Surfshark also provides you with a VPN to protect your identity across the internet.
  • It also detects any threats or malware programs that might try to invade your system or pose a threat to it.

Can AdBlock see my passwords?

No, Adblock cannot see your passwords. This is because it does not record your browsing history or save your data. Therefore, it does have your passwords or any other personal data.

What is the best ad blocker for Microsoft Edge?

While there are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing an ad blocker, some of the most famous names include Tota, AdBlock, AdGuard, Surfshark, and several others.

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