5 Best Antivirus for Chrome to Secure Browsing

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Google Chrome is unarguably the best and most advanced web browser on the internet. It provides its users with many useful tools and excellent features, such as a built-in malware scanner, to provide a secure browsing environment.

Despite being such a robust and complete web browser, Chrome is not safe from the latest emerging online threats. Cybercriminals regularly take advantage of the security loopholes and conduct illicit activities like stealing login credentials, bank details, hacking social accounts, hijacking browsers, displaying malicious pop-ups, and more.

To tackle all such threats, Chrome provides extensive web extensions that act as antivirus and provide all-around security to the browser.

In this post, we would list out the best antivirus extension for Chrome for a secure browsing experience and tension-free online banking.

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Before adding an antivirus extension to Chrome, it is essential to know that the Chrome Browser is an application of the computer like any other app. Since it runs in the operating system, it is much better to secure the whole computer than specifically the browser. For that, you must equip your system with a robust anti-malware program such as MalwareFox

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MalwareFox would not only ensure that you experience safe internet browsing and online banking but also handle dangerous threats such as Trojans, Ransomware, and others, trying to infiltrate your system and disturb its working. 

Best Security Extensions for Chrome

The Security Extensions for Chrome would ensure an extra layer of security over the browser. Here are the top security extensions for Chrome:

Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security extension is regarded as one of the best Chrome security extensions. If you visited a malicious website by any chance, the Avast Online Security extension would block its loading and warn you about that. This security web extension also rates the website as safe or unsafe based on user reviews and feedback. The Avast Online Security extension also has the ability to block the trackers and cookies on the Chrome Browser.

HTTPS Everywhere

If a URL begins with HTTPS, it means that it is secured with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures that every information you share on the website is encrypted and secure. Though many top websites are equipped with SSL certificates, you might still find some sites without them. Browsing such websites can be dangerous for the security and privacy of your system. This is where HTTPS Everywhere comes into action.

The HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension would convert the HTTP websites into HTTPS so that if you require to browse any HTTP site, you can do it without any security risk. After adding the HTTPS Everywhere and enabling it in Chrome Browser, the next time when you visit any unsecured HTTP site, it would be automatically converted to HTTPS.

AdBlock Plus

While browsing the internet on the Google Chrome browser, you might have come across the ads on many web pages. While many websites, specially blogsites, earn revenues by displaying the ads on their platforms, sometimes unexpected ads and pop-ups can be irritating and even malicious. 

If you want to browse the internet without any restrictions, you can add the AdBlock Plus extension to your Chrome browser. The AdBlock Plus extension would also safeguard your browser from the dangerous pop-ups and banner ads that contain malicious links and trigger the installation of malware.

Using the AdBlock Plus toolbar, you can also disable it on certain websites which are safe and gain revenues by displaying ads.

Click & Clean

Though Google Chrome has in-built options to clear browsing data such as history, cache, saved passwords, and others, using Click & Clean, you can do all that with just a click. Along with all the options that Chrome provides, Click & Clean comes with many more utility tools too. You can set the interval and frequency of browser data deletion. You can also set to delete the browsing data just after you exit the Chrome browser. Click & Clean also gives all the benefits of incognito mode in the standard mode itself.


If you are an avid internet user, you might know that marketing and ad displaying platforms like Facebook use ad trackers to track your search queries, and based on that, they will bombard you with the targeted ads. Finding which website is tracking you is difficult through typical ways. That’s where the Disconnect web extension for Chrome will help you.

Disconnect will let you know the website that is tracking you and which trackers they are using. You will also get the option to block the trackers from snooping on you.

Beware of the fake Antivirus Extensions

Though Chrome regularly checks for fake and malicious extensions, there are few developers that bluff users by creating the web extensions with the modified name of legit antivirus programs such as Antivirus Totall Protection. There is clearly a spelling mistake in their name, and they lure users by banking on the keyword. You must be aware of such fake web extensions because they might be malicious, and instead of safeguarding your Chrome browser, it would do the opposite.

Bottom Line

Since cyberattacks are always on the rise, it is best to always be prepared for them. Through the Chrome Security Extensions mentioned in this post, your Chrome browser will be protected from all threats to privacy and security. Another thing to note is that you can use all these web extensions on other browsers that use the Chromium engine, such as the latest Microsoft Edge, Chromium Browser, and more.

1. How to add Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are available on Chrome Webstore. You can download them from there are add them to the supporting browsers. Any added extensions would appear on the top-right corner of the Chrome.

2. Is it safe to add Chrome extensions?

Usually, it is safe to install and add Chrome extensions as testers thoroughly check them at Google. If still any malicious web extension is found that violates Google’s policy, then Chrome can automatically disable it on every user’s Chrome web browser.

3. How many Chrome extensions can you have?

You can have unlimited Chrome extensions like you can install unlimited apps. But installing a large number of extensions would slow down the browser and disturb your workflow.

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​Best Anti-malware

MalwareFox ​Premium

  • ​Removes Malware which Antivirus cannot
  • Protects from ​Ransomware Attacks
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