How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows 10

Whether you are new consumer or have been switching antivirus products every year just to conclude which one suits the best, this article will surely help you.

Let’s begin on how to choose antivirus software.

What should you look for in the antivirus program?

  • Detection
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Reliability


Program should be capable of detecting malicious object as soon as it enters the system. It should block the execution and prevent the infection from spreading. Not just the local virus signature database but it should take help of cloud database and behavioral detection technology. This guarantees protection from even unknown or zero day malware in the cyber space.

No antivirus program can assure detection of 100% of malware present but you should choose the one which can detect most of them and consistently.

Antivirus vs Internet Security


While the operational speed of the security program should be fast, but it should not hamper the performance of the system. It would be quite annoying to have aggressive antivirus program which slows down computer speed.

Antivirus programs making use of cloud technology generally have low system footprint. Moreover, they are now designed to be more artificially intelligent to have minimal user input making them less intrusive. Gone are the days when antivirus programs used to increase boot-up and process loading times.

Most of the products have low to none impact on performance on the system. However, you must check out AV-Test and score ratings from other independent antivirus testing labs. They compare several products in the market and provide statistical data about various factors impacting computer users.

How to Test Antivirus?


Protection of data and your safety on the Internet is invaluable, I suppose. So, pricing of the software providing it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you feel that certain product you like is out of your budget, just look out for its discount coupon on the Internet.

You’ll definitely save some bucks in the process. Thank me later for this tip.


The number of malware infections in the cyber space is growing continuously. Reliable product is the one which is actively updated to deal with advanced cyber threats. It should be trusted by the user community which you can confirm by checking out reviews by critics as well as other users.

How Antivirus Works?

How to Configure Cyber Security of Computer

Finding all the characteristics in a single product is quite difficult. We use and recommend layered security approach to tackle advanced cyber threats.

We create multiple security layers so that if malware infiltrates one, it gets caught in another layer. This method is preferable since we cannot rely on single product.

While layers are self-explanatory, question still remains which Anti-virus should be used and what is this new thing called anti-malware?

Which is the Best Antivirus?

The number of choices available for antivirus products are plenty. If you ask me, I personally trust Bitdefender or Avira security products.

However, you would be surprised if I tell you that Windows Defender also does a good job. In its initial days, product struggled a quite dealing with viruses, but it has progressed gradually. According to AV Comparatives lab reports, it stands close to most of the 3rd party software.

Moreover, it comes bundled with Windows 10, so you don’t have to install it. It is enabled by default and doesn’t hamper the performance of the computer. Unlike other antivirus software, it doesn’t popup unnecessarily or offer any kind of upgrade. In short, Windows Defender has become a reliable antivirus for Windows 10 in recent days.

Now, coming to anti-malware, it is a second opinion scanner which you must have. Antivirus often misses out several kinds of malware like irritating adware or PUPs and dangerous ransomware.

Such threats are easily detected and removed by anti-malware programs. To name a few, MalwareFox, HitmanPro and Malwarebytes are some options to choose from.

MalwareFox is a simple yet advanced anti-malware solution for Windows PCs. It is lightweight and offers aggressive detection of dangerous cyber threats. We are using it for more than a year and totally satisfied with it.

Download MalwareFox

These second opinions scanners run well alongside any antivirus programs without any conflict.


We should focus on complete cyber security solution more than just an antivirus product. Detection and Performance rate should be prime factors while selecting a product. Antivirus Test labs results come in handy for making an informed decision.

Windows Defender is a reliable antivirus solution for Windows 10 but it should be accompanied by second opinion anti-malware like MalwareFox.

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