7 Best Computer Repair Software used by Technicians

We often need the expertise and skills of computer technicians during emergencies. Computers can get infected. Some software may not work correctly. Or the operating system itself may be corrupted. Technicians are always there to solve our toughest issues.

Therefore, it is entirely necessary to maintain the overall health of your computer. Technicians have the perfect tools that you can install. You may not have their advanced skills, but you can use the repair software in their toolbox.

#1 – Windows Repair by Tweaking.com

Windows Repair by Tweaking.com

Malicious software often modifies your operating systems’ settings. Repairing the settings can be quite cumbersome and confusing. Windows Repair puts everything in one place.

The lightweight application is a powerful tool to modify your system. It can reset registry permissions, Windows Firewall, and System Files. It can also repair proxy settings, Windows Updates, and WMI. Windows Repair displays all options right at your fingertips.

On your first run of the application, it will guide you through cleaning your system of infections. It will check if your file systems are healthy. It will even suggest a System Restore in worse case scenarios. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

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#2 – CCleaner Technician Edition

CCleaner Technician Edition

CCleaner is a favorite PC optimization tool that cleans up your hard drive and registry. It blocks threats when you are browsing. Additionally, the application can also optimize your startup by examining installed programs.

The CCleaner Technician Edition is an advanced version of the optimization tool. It cleans unnecessary files, data, and settings faster. It allows you to speed up your hard drive and clean up much-needed space. The program works remotely as well. All the options are cleanly laid-out, so there’s a small chance of making any mistakes.

Whether you are using the personal desktop solution or the technician edition, CCleaner can extend the life of your machine. It is a flexible tool to monitor and maintain your computer’s health efficiently.

#3 – CPU-Z

CPU-Z - Best Computer Repair Software

Monitoring the status of your hardware is very important in maintaining your computer. CPU-Z is another lightweight application that gathers information from your system in one place. It is a freeware that captures information from some of the primary devices on your machine.

You will see your processor’s name, number, codename, process, package, and cache levels. It can monitor your mainboard and chipset. It presents information about your machine’s memory type, size, timings, and module specifications. CPU-Z can also detect the real-time measurement of the core’s internal frequency and memory frequency.

Interestingly, CPU-Z has customized versions for different types of systems. It has versions that monitor Asrock, ASUS ROG, Gigabyte, MSI Gaming, and more. It also has an older version of Windows 98 in case you’re using an older system.

#4 – IObit Uninstaller

IOBit Uninstaller - Must have Software for Technicians

IObit Uninstaller is an excellent tool to uninstall programs on your PC. It adds extra functionality to your standard application removal. You can easily see all applications installed on your computer. You can organize the list alphabetically, according to file size, and installation date. Additionally, it also shows large programs, applications you barely use, and even Windows Updates.

The program manager integrates itself into the Windows Explorer right-click context. It makes it easy to remove programs without having to open the main window. Aside from programs, it can remove Windows Apps, toolbars, and plugins. Additionally, you can uninstall programs in bulk. What makes the application great, is its registry and program file removal.

You will follow three steps during removal of a program. First, the program will ask you if you want to create a restore point. It is significant in case something drastic happens during uninstallation. Then, the standard uninstall will remove the program selected. Lastly, IObit will begin a robust scan. This step scans the registry and file system for leftovers of the program. You can quickly delete this to save more space and remove unnecessary files.

#5 – MalwareFox

MalwareFox - Top Computer Repair Software

MalwareFox is a fantastic anti-malware application. It detects, removes, and protects your PC from advanced forms of malicious software, like adware, spyware, and even ransomware. The app scans your system thoroughly without taking up too many resources. You can use other applications while it is scanning and you won’t notice a thing.

It is essential to protect your system from evolving threats on the Internet regularly. That is why a security application should provide real-time protection like MalwareFox. It expertly analyzes suspicious behavior to prevent emerging malware from ever gaining access to your computer.

Additionally, it is regularly updated. It is to ensure that it recognizes all existing malware on the Internet. It also provides clean browsing experience. MalwareFox blocks annoying ads and toolbars that can be a gateway to your PC.

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#6 – EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master

One way to protect your data is to create separate partitions on your hard drive. You can have a primary partition where your operating system and programs reside. A secondary partition can house your files. EaseUS Partition Master provides a worry-free experience.

Most users consider creating a partition as an advanced skill. With EaseUS Partition Master, you can easily divide your space without having to learn much technical skills. The user interface is straightforward and clear. It lets you preview the changes you want to make to avoid errors.

Beyond partitioning, EaseUS Partition Master can also format your hard drive in FAT/FAT32, EXT2, EXT3, or NTFS file system. It allows you to hide individual partitions as well. You can also permanently wipe data from an entire partition.

#7 – Recuva

Recuva - Best Computer Repair Software

In the most worst-case scenario, you’ll lose personal files on your computer. Some malicious software can delete some of your data as well. In any case, it is possible to recover some files to some extent. Recuva is a free file recovery software that can ‘undelete’ lost files.

Recuva is one of the most effective recovery software around. It is straightforward to use. Additionally, it is a lightweight download. You can even download a portable version which does not require installation. It has a native 64-bit version which works optimally for Windows 10.

You have two options to recover your files. It can do a quick scan of more recently deleted files. Or a “deep scan” to dig deeper. Recuva can also recover deleted data from USB drives, hard drives, memory cards, and even DVD/CDs. It is yet proven to work on MP3 players and iPods.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to note that these tools have advanced options. Always make sure that you are aware of the changes you are making. Think things through before clicking anything. Sometimes, you’ll have more problems from mistakes than actual system issues.

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  2. to be honest I have CC cleaner and have found it to be useless. I run it and am told one time there are like 26-32 tracking cookies and it has removed 2, or I get a message that there are 3 tracking cookie and it has removed 5, I fail to understand how it can remove more than it found or less than it found, and claim it’s working!

  3. Recuva Pro 2020 is a free Windows tool for recovering deleted files from your computer. This includes files that came out of the trash as well as files and other files that were accidentally deleted from a digital camera or MP3 player. It even returns deleted files using bugs, crashes, and viruses. Did you accidentally delete an important file? Files Lost After Computer Failure? No problem – Recuva will recover broken files from your Windows PC, trash, digital camera cards or MP3 players.

  4. IObit Uninstaller Pro at productscrack is used to uninstall any program installed in Windows. It removes malicious browser plug-ins, toolbars. These are programs installed to provide you with a smooth and reliable Internet browsing experience. With the most advanced technology and an expanded database. It will allow you to delete programs securely and completely.


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