How to Create Anonymous Email

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In modern times, the major concern for a person is his online privacy. From government to e-commerce companies to other marketing organizations, all are continuously keeping track of your online activities, sometimes with and sometimes without your knowledge.

It is true that, if you are not paying for a product, then you are a product.

The same goes for the email provider companies like Google, Yahoo, and others. They provide you the email IDs and along with that other services like cloud storage for ‘FREE’ of cost, but that is not true. The price you pay for your free email is your privacy. 

With email being the most common mode of formal communication, the government and other marketing companies use them to spy on your activities so that you can be traced back. 

There might be many reasons for which you have to send an anonymous email to someone without revealing your identity. Maybe you have to send secret files to someone or tell something about your colleague to your boss without letting them know it is you.  Or maybe you want to become a whistleblower and release the dirty secrets of government organizations. In all such scenarios, you don’t want others to know your identity, or leave any trace behind so that you can be tracked.

Surely, now you might have understood that the free email providers like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others are not an option to create an anonymous email.

Before moving any further, let us clear that sending an encrypted message is not equal to anonymity. When you send an encrypted mail, the content of the mail is encrypted, and nobody except the receiver would know what is in it. However, the identity of the sender would be visible. On the other hand, when you send an anonymous email, your identity would be hidden.

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In this guide, we would discuss some of the methods to create and send anonymous emails.

Using Gmail

Create Gmail Account

Although I have mentioned earlier that Gmail can’t be used for anonymous mailing, but a flaw in Google gave birth to this trick. This is a long method and also not the 100% secure one, but it is free and familiar for most of the people. If you want to share not a very big secret, you can use Gmail to create a fake account. Before that, make sure while you are creating the account and sending the mail, you are in incognito mode, and a VPN service is activated.

The incognito mode would save you from browser tracking, and using a VPN service would hide your IP address, making you anonymous. 

When you create a new account on Gmail, it would ask for your name, date of birth, and choose or create an email id. Gmail also ask for other details such as your phone number and backup email id, but these are optional, and you must skip those for the anonymity.

You just have to create an account with a fake name. Take the name of a celebrity, so that it clearly looks fake and someone genuine might not get targeted. That is it. 

Once your account is created, you can send the email to anyone. Again a most crucial reminder, always use a VPN while sending anonymous emails.

However, the problem with this method is, you can’t just rely on incognito mode and VPN service for total anonymity. If the mail receiver has some deep IT resources, you could still be traced back.

Using ProtonMail


ProtonMail is a Switzerland based, excellent private email service provider that uses end-to-end encryption to make your mails inaccessible to anyone except the receiver. 

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The best thing is, it is an open-source program that is available to everyone free of cost. However, it does have a premium paid package that has some advanced features. The primary difference between free and paid variants is, while free version would provide you 500 MB storage and 150 messages per day, with the paid version, you would get 5 GB of storage and 1000 messages per day.

You won’t be asked for your personal details while creating an account on ProtonMail. That makes you anonymous.

They also do not keep records of your IP addresses so that you can not be traced. 

Using Mailfence 


Mailfence is another fantastic anonymous email provider. It guarantees you to save your mail from the government’s eagle eyes.

You won’t have to worry about any spam. It would not track your IP logs. All in all, it won’t leave any single trace to reveal your identity.

Mailfence also provides an OpenPGP keys offer. You can create, import, publish, and manage those keys.

Mailfence also comes with a free plan and a paid one.

Using Cyber Atlantis

Cyber Atlantis

Cyber Atlantis is the straight forward web-based program for sending anonymous emails for free. It does not require any type of registration or sign-up. Just enter some details such as recipient address, subject of the mail, PGP key, your message, and CAPTCHA.

However, if the recipient is using some spam blocking, then they might not receive the mail.

Another thing is that Cyber Atlantis would only allow you to send anonymous emails as long as they are not abusive or illegal.


Anonymous Email is another direct anonymous mail sending platform. It is also free to use but comes with some added features in the paid version. Premium features include – enter your name, reply to, delivery notification, receive notification, and also the option of attaching 3 files. The free version would also include their brand name in the sent mail that can be removed in the premium version.

Using Private-Mail

Using Private Mail

Private-Mail is another service similar to the others on the list. It provides you with four plans – Free, Standard, Pro, and Business Pro. The three paid plans come with added advanced features. However, if you send the anonymous emails regularly, then the free plan is more than enough for you. It provides you with 100 MB of encrypted email storage, 100 MB of encrypted cloud-storage, AES256 File Encryption, and OpenPGP Email Encryption. 

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As per its tagline, you don’t have to be a scientific genius to use private-mail, and it is absolutely correct. You don’t need to fill your personal information during registration on it.

Final Thoughts

These are the topmost web programs that would let you create anonymous mails. However, for the extra security, always make sure that you are using a VPN service. Other than that, while drafting and sending the mail, be on a secure browser like TOR or at least be on incognito mode, so that browser could not trace you. These web applications would take care of the rest.

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