Is my Gmail Hacked? How to Tell in 4 Steps

4 thoughts on “Is my Gmail Hacked? How to Tell in 4 Steps”

  1. This was a super helpful overview and now, looking in my settings, I see that Pop has been enabled on my account since 2004 (right now, it is 2021) — YIPES!

    Similar to Cary Corwin’s question above, the email account I use is But I have reason to believe that firstnamemiddlenamelastname@gmail has been set up by someone else and I cannot access it. Is there a way for me to alert Google to this and/or otherwise get that email account shut down?

  2. Hi – this was very useful although Gmail is organised a bit differently now so the screenshots didn’t match 100%. I suspect my Gmail has been hacked because Google have barred me from sending any emails – I got this: “Daily user sending quota exceeded”. This was after I’d sent about a dozen emails yesterday, all to individuals. I read an article somewhere that the limit is 500 per day. So I’m trying to find evidence of emails being sent without my knowledge and without being save in my Sent folder. Any clues would be welcome.


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