Is Pornhub Safe? How to browse Adult Sites Safely?

Is Pornhub safe? That’s one question that echoes a lot over the Internet. People visiting this massively popular website are concerned whether it’s safe to enter and browse.

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After all, this adult website seems too good to be true. With an endless supply of NSFW videos, troves of amateur porn, and a thriving community, this free porn site has it all — including fears of malware.

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Pornhub viruses are legit risk if you are not careful what you do over there. Same actually goes for other adult websites, not all of which can be termed safe. It is quite possible to catch a virus, have your information stolen, or even have your porn viewing habits leaked to the world.

We answer this question and more, and find out what you need to do to browse adult sites safely, without the risk of infections.

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Is Pornhub safe?

To put it lightly, no. Pornhub is not completely safe. Then again, adult websites rarely are. You have to take a bunch of necessary steps beforehand in order to protect your security and privacy when viewing content on these sites.

Given its planetary popularity, it comes as no surprise that Pornhub attracts cybercriminals bent on using this opportunity to spread their malware on unsuspecting users. There were more than 42 billion visits to the site in 2019, averaging 115 million visits a day.

And this presents a mouthwatering opportunity for hackers who target these users, whether directly via the ads that are served, or even inside the videos that direct them to shady and shadowy links.

What are the cybersecurity risks on Pornhub?

So, what are the main risks you are exposed to while browsing Pornhub? How exactly are cybercriminals targeting these visitors? Do they directly infect your device with viruses? Or do they trick you into deploying malware or spyware? What about other threats?

The biggest threat, by far, is the risk of infection via ads.

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Unlike carefully curated ads you see on the rest of the web, adult sites are much laxer when it comes to the advertisements they serve. Make it a habit to never click on banner ads, no matter how enticing or alluring they look. You run severe risks of deploying malware on your PC or mobile device if you are not careful. One wrong click could mean an afternoon cleaning up.

In addition, sextortion scams are very common.

This is where you get an email from hackers that claim to have installed spyware on your computer and filmed you while you were viewing adult content. They demand money, threatening to send this data to your employer, family, and friends.

For the most part these are bogus, but there have been instances where they were real. Let’s just say, you really don’t want to take your chances here.

How safe are other porn sites?

The same can sadly not be said of other sites. If you are not paying for your porn, then that basically means that the website you are visiting is supported by ads. And there is always a chance that some nefarious ads are going to slip through.

Thing is, adult websites are especially attractive to malicious advertisers due to the nature of their content and the volume of their traffic. Hackers love taking advantage of the immense popularity of major porn sites to serve up viruses and adware that take root in your computer. Not only can this lead to more ads and spammy content to be served on your device, but most of this content is adult related.

And this is the last thing you want if you share your PC with other family members.

How to protect privacy on Pornhub?

Unlike many other adult sites, Pornhub has shown a commitment to providing a safe viewing environment for its viewers. Just like it takes the threat of malicious ads seriously, it has also shown concern for the privacy of its viewer base.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, ensuring you protect your privacy comes down to you.

The first thing you should be doing is browsing Pornhub and other adult sites only via the private mode of your web browser.

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Though the primary advantage of browsing porn in an incognito window is to save your browsing history and cookies from being fed into the system, it is also helpful in ensuring that others don’t get in on your viewing habits.

Secondly, it is recommended to use VPN while connecting to Porn sites.

Lots of people use a VPN service to stay more anonymous online, and what better places to stay anonymous than adult sites? And finally, you don’t want to be entering your personal details at these websites.

Never use your social media profile to login, and never ever enter your name, main email, or phone number.

How to browse Pornhub Safely?

The basic rules of online security apply to Pornhub, and other adult sites too. You don’t want to click on sketchy or suspicious links.

Stay away from banners on porn sites, as these are usually a one-way ticket to malware or phishing scams.

You also don’t want to be downloading anything from these sites. Some ads or sites may try to trick you with downloads disguised as videos or video players. Play it safe, and stay far away from any files, apps, or software that you find.

Oh, and of course, using a good antivirus program or antimalware solution is a must. Security software is your first line of defense when you take trips to the shady nooks and corners of the Internet, whether that be file sharing sites or adult websites.


Pornhub and other adult websites are in many ways just like the real world. When you deal with them, you just have to be using protection. For if you are not careful here, then your search for online porn could end up in a malware nightmare. Or worse.

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