Ransomware Statistics in 2019 (Infographic)

Ransomware has a huge potential to damage and it is rapid growing malware mostly because it is designed to earn money from victims.

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Year 2017 experienced highest number of ransomware family discoveries while there was a slight dip in 2018.

It is predicted that Ransomware will make a comeback but with low level of ransom demands. The truth is that Ransomware attacks are conducted for financial gains and large amounts of demand shy away victims from paying the money. So, cyber criminals will make it easier by lowering the amount to 40-50$ in order to have more conversions.

Secondly, ransom notes will be more detailed explaining step by step procedure on how to buy cryptocurrencies and how exactly payment should be made. This will facilitate novice users to take action.

We present the infographic about Ransomware statistics on effects of attack including but not limited to financial loss, worldwide distribution and causes of successful attack.

Ransomware Statistics 2019

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