How to Remove AdChoices Pop-Ups

A large part of the Internet monetization is through advertisements. From large companies to small business owners earn from ads. Even digital entrepreneurs get a significant portion of their revenue from ads. For example, Invesp reported that 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. That is a considerable percentage of their income.

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A typical web user faces around 1,700 banner ads per month. Online advertisements are effective ways to present products, services, and advocacy. Furthermore, websites and platforms can earn part of advertisement revenue by hosting it.

Due to its effectiveness, companies are getting more creative and better at attracting users to click on advertisements. Data collected from users are used to display personalized advertisements. This leak of data increases attractiveness and appeal. However, methods have the potential to be abused to increase ad traffic. Who precisely monitors the ethical issues concerning advertisements online?

What is AdChoice?

AdChoices is a self-regulatory program governing online advertisements. This self-regulatory program implements in the United States, Canada, and different parts of Europe. It establishes and enforces companies to practice ethical methods in online advertising. Which includes collecting data and transparency.

Companies adhere to principles set forth by different regulatory institutions. They follow the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) AdChoices Principles for America. Canada has the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) AdChoices Principles. And, the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) AdChoices Principles in Europe.

There are over 200 company participants in AdChoices self-regulatory programs. Giants like AOL, AT&T, Bloomberg, Google, and Microsoft are participating. Local companies from Canda and Europe also follow the principles in their respective AdChoices programs.

What Advertisements does it Affect?

Principles followed by the companies under AdChoices deploy “interest-based” advertising. They collect data such as your advertising habits, browsing, history, and other personal information to target specific adverts to appear while you are browsing. It has become a privacy concern for a lot of customers.

Examples of principles followed by advertisers and companies are avoiding Flash cookies. The US and Canadian AdChoices programs deem Flash as an unsecured method and require participating companies to avoid using it.

Is AdChoice Malware?

No. AdChoices is a program followed by the companies and related bodies. When you click the AdChoices icon on an advertisement, you will see how companies “personalize” the ads. You can learn more about the ad’s or websites’ collection practices. It also provides options for you to opt-out of the program.

You should note that by opting-out, you do not necessarily block advertisements. It also does not prevent websites from tracking your browsing habits. And, in most cases, opting-out is not as effective as it should.

Advertisements and AdChoices are helpful when done right. They point you to the right product which hopefully something that you might need. It crosses the line when applications install adware on your computer.

Many installers bundle such kind of programs. It slows down your system, and you begin receiving pop-ups and redirections. Unfortunately, ads are known to redirect users to malicious websites.

How to Remove AdChoices PopUps?

There are ways to remove yourself from AdChoices. Follow the guidelines below.

Opting Out in Google

You can opt-out of AdChoices in Google if you don’t have to see personalized ads, but still want to receive general advertisements.

Login to your Google Account, then, head over to your Ads Settings. Toggle the switch next to Ads Personalization.

A pop-up window will open. Confirm by clicking Turn Off.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Opt Out of More Ads.

It will take you to the official AdChoices window. It will scan your system first.

Then, read the note about the browser tool and click Continue.

You will see a list of companies under AdChoices, and you can select which ones you want running.

Note that opting out does not block or stop ads altogether. It doesn’t disable personalized ads from companies as well. It only works on ads running on Google. Additionally, if you log-out of your Google Account, using another browser, or deleted cookies, you may need to opt out again.

Blocking Advertisements

You can block pop-up AdChoices and most ads using browser extensions. It protects you from accidentally clicking on ads. Some ad blockers may even remove Youtube advertisements.


AdGuard is a popular ad blocker extension. It is available in major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It blocks pop-ups and ad banners. The toolbar also disables tracking from AdChoices which means, advertisers do not collect any data from your browsing habits.

It can disable known malware ridden domains. Additionally, it removes annoying social media buttons. AdGuard has a pre-made list which you can customize to get you started right away. It balances its ad blocking by allowing acceptable, non-intrusive advertisements.


Ghostery is a browser extension focusing on privacy and security. It is free on all major browsers. A mobile browser application is also available. It detects and controls Javascript trackers and tag. Those are commonly used by ads and worse, by hackers as backdoors to your computer.

It blocks most tracking methods which optimizes and cleans your browsing experience. Ghostery also shows packages it prevented and detected. It makes sure that it is transparent which you can access on the extension.

Using Anti-Malware Apps

Browser extensions are quite useful in protecting you. However, they are limited to browsers. Installing an anti-malware application is a better and a practical solution.

That’s because the solution we are talking about isn’t just an Antivirus solution but also comes with an Ad Blocker. Yes, you get $29 valued Total Ad Block for free with TotalAV.

TotalAV is a complete protection from malicious applications. Some applications come packaged with Adware. Which affects your computer with ads that take up resources. It removes annoying ads, toolbars, and pop-ups.

More importantly, it protects your system from threats. It scans your system from existing malicious software. It is lightweight on your computer. You can use other applications while an active scanning is taking place. TotalAV even protects you from potent ransomware.

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39 thoughts on “How to Remove AdChoices Pop-Ups”

  1. I hate all the crazy ads on my cell phone from Adchoices aka Digital Advertising Alliance. My cell phone has not longer become my property. Is there anyway to stop this madness. Please help.

    • Hi, Rick!

      I think AdBlock Plus is also available in mobile version. You may want to install that to block unnecessary ads. Let us know if it works!

  2. Opted out, reset, changed ad id and opted out again. Disabled chrome and installed Firefox privacy browser. Ran malware bytes, Trojan scanner, stopped apps from drawing over the system, uninstalled all possible apps besides the ones that came with my s8. Ads popping up on screen over everything I do on my phone. Finally reset the whole phone ads still there. I have depression and sometimes need my phone for sensory issues. Used YouTube all the time for background mediation music, now I can’t because the ads are popping up over the app and stopping the play of music. I thought this was my phone. I opted out now what?

    Any answers would be great thank you

    • Sahra, I am recovering from heart surgery and this crappy service kept blowing up my phone both in and out of the hospital. I suffer from other illness and this problem has become life threatening.
      I thinks it’s time to speak to our respective State Attorney General’s offices and inquire about the possibility of class action lawsuits.

      No one should be forced to suffer continued damage to their health or be forced to jump through hoops in order protect oneself.

      Every company affiliated with these services should feel shame.

      • First time i saw it when i was running on threadmill. when i am running i am using heartbeat sensor with indication on my smatrphone. So I am running on the edge (190 bpm) and this advert has come – so it caused me to risk of my life because when i am trying to turn off this advert i cant seу my heartbeat rhythm and it also thrown off me… I think this type of advert can be harmfull and those people who make this must pay for this

        • A smart person wouldn’t be checking their phone while running on a treadmill. STOP RUNNING NEXT TIME YOU ABSOLUTELY FEEL YOU MUST BE ON YOUR PHONE!!

          • Clem, he is using an app for his running! It wasn’t like he was checking text messages. Treadmills these days have a place for you to set your phone where you can view it – it is no different than watching tv as you run on a treadmill. Some of those apps are audio and don’t even require you to actually look at the phone. Read people’s comments in full before criticizing.

    • DAA, Adchoices, Network Advertising initiatives, youronlinechoices, Evidon, Trustarc etc websites claim that by switching the 100’s even 1000’s of ad agents cookies off on these websites it does not block all ads, only targetted ads or interest based ads.

      You can only alter those cookie settings in normal mode in Chrome saved permanently, as long as you set clearing history to not clear cookies. Keep it unticked.

  3. I have the exact same problem on my Samsung tablet. Tried turning off everything but nothing gets rid of the ads. Please help…!,!!

  4. Honestly this whole practice should be illegalized for companies to do cause coorperations always abuse things like this. My privacy should take fucking priorty over these greedy assholes making more money I am so sick of Google selling out and fucking customers over with this crap I am honestly about ready to file harassment and privscy invasion felony charges on them for not having option to ban adchoices which by US law they are obliged to have an option to deny any and all access to privacy infringement

    • I’m at my wits end and ready to boycott every company I see an ad come up for. Do they really think this is going to make you want to shop with them?! I just don’t get it. For me, it’s more than just a nuisance – it is quite costly. I live in a rural area with no high speed internet so I have to get my internet from a hot spot and only get 12GB/mo for all devices (phones, laptops) in our household. These ads constantly running gobble up my data like PacMan. It really should be illegal. At the very least, there should be a simple way to opt out. I have been researching for months and have yet to have any of the posted solutions work for me. :'(

      • Ad Block Plus Free on your computer or phone has worked the best in blocking ads, try it, and make sure check blocking all ads when you go to the site. Good luck

    • You have to try to block the likes of Hotjar, sessioncam, fullstory etc cookies. They are the ones that are recording your online activity to bring you targetted ads.

      You can opt out from them.

  5. So tired of these ads and pop-ups. Cannot use my cell phone for them popping up during phone calls and losing the connection because of them. I would not use anything from the ads, in fact, I don’t even read them.

  6. What I want to know is, how do you block the server where the Adchoices comes from? What I mean is, if there’s an IP address, I would go into my router, and then add that IP address in the block list, so if Adchoices is coming from, just for example,, and I put that IP address in the block list in the router, what is supposed to happen is effectively block that IP address so that I no longer get anything from Adchoices.

    Is this possible, to just block whatever server or IP the Adchoices is coming from?

  7. I am being ravished by these ridiculous pop up ads. They interfere with every part of my phone, from calls to video chat to access to my drs and meds to simple surfing.

    I am furious that companies are allowed to take over my phone! With all the interruptions from these ads, they should be the ones paying my phone bill since it effectively disables my phone from use!!!

  8. Final thought?? AdChoices is an excellent program??? Seriously?? Is is nothing LESS than Fucking UNWANTED intrusive fucking SPYWARE that NO ONE wants or NEEDS!! Just to make free Money for the Zionists whilst Pissing the ENTIRE fucking population of the world OFF!!!!
    If only we knew where they were situated amybe a BOMB could be sent to the freeloading SHITES from the sewer called Israel

  9. I’ve opted out all companies in Ad Choices…and I’m still getting Google ad pop ups. I tried a couple of pop up blockers from Google Play and they didnt work, so Deleted the aps and now I’m getting pop ups from those companies. The pop ups come once a minute and I am forced to close each one to continue using phone. WTF…?? Help please.

  10. This is the same with my phone. Works if you reset the phone to factory. But will come back. Google Ads should be sued for this blatant abuse and have a SINGLE button to turn this sh*t off.

    Only option. Get an Iphone.

  11. My nephew’s Samsung tablet is doing the constant ad choice pop ups. He is 7 and is frustrated. Every game he tries, it gets stopped by these ads, constantly. Having read the above complaints, I will definitely not be buying a Samsung phone or tablet, of which I was really looking just recently. I will remain with Apple. It’s wrong to make people endure this bs. Hopefully, many more will complain and Google will find other ways to make money. But, as for now, they have lost a would-be customer!

  12. Today I spent 4 hours on the phone with Google Fi. They have exhausted everything they know about how to ride my phone of these AdChoice ads popping up continuously on my Android PixelXl. No answer except factory reset!!! And that is not guaranteed to work.

  13. I would like to be paid for the time I spend everyday waiting for these ads to load and then closing them. I would also like to be paid for the time spent trying to figure out how to remove them from my phone. If I don’t want them, please offer me an easy way to opt out. Otherwise, I’m being violated. Not only is it emotional frustrating, it physically causes my blood pressure to sky rocket. And I’m a laid back, nice and respectful mom. I have sat and tried to remove this annoying adchoice while not even noticing it’s become dark outside and I haven’t made dinner yet. That is my problem of course, but it shouldn’t have to take time away from my work and family. It feels like a stranger is ringing my doorbell at home, trying to sell me something 30 times a day. I’d call the police. They’d be arrested. How is this legal?

  14. To block all these annoying adds needs some work on your router. What you have to do is go into IP and port filtering and add three new rules…

    Rule : Source : Destination (range) : rest of options ALL
    1 : ALL : –
    2 : ALL : –
    3 : ALL : –

    This blocks your devices at home from seeing these Add sites. As a result, the add servers can serve all they like but you will not see and/or download them.

    You can, if you wish, add the site names / addresses to each individual hosts file on your device. This will blacklist these sites to your device = same result, you will not see the adds.

    Companies will eventually realize that we, as users, do not want to be pestered with adds etc, and since the devices are ours, we can chose to block them. If adds that are being paid for by are not been seen, the suppliers will go to elsewhere, and these ‘add pestering companies’ will eventually close.

  15. It is not possible to block all these adds from AdChoices unless you chose to block Google. I, a IT developer with 40+ years tried to block individual ip addresses to stop these adds and it works for about 2 mins but then fails… the server just chooses another ip address in the range of – (which is the range that Google uses.) The only way to block these adds completely is block everything coming from google… and it is something I am looking into.

  16. I found a way to block these ‘AdChoices’ …. go to a site either directly or via another search engine provider other than Google, and block Google on your router / hosts file.

  17. Time for a class action lawsuit against Google: 1 trillion dollars! Enough to put Google OUT OF BUSINESS! And enough to teach ALL businesses what “NO SOLICITATIONS” means.

  18. These infect people who do this should be sued and everyone should get an iphone and never use google services which are crappier by the day anyway.

  19. This google is like cancer no one wants their meddling in our we the people’s phones don’t tread on us you wormy assholes’ google are spy’s for China the nosey hackers of them most ‘ google needs to fuck off ,

  20. If you have randomly a screen filling pop-up advertisement from AdChoixes on your Android it is probably coming from the app “Rose Photo Editor”. Remove this App and you are freed from these pop-ups.
    If you can’t find it on your phone, go the Google playstore and find the app there. If it is installed on your phone you can remove it here !

  21. AdChoices ads obscure articles making them unreadable. When I encounter an AdChoices advertisement, I immediately close the browser, angered at both the advertiser and the product for having made my investment in computer equipment and bandwidth less valuable. AdChoices ads are FAR MORE INVASIVE than any other ads I see, and I believe their tactics of preventing use of web pages to be illegal.

  22. I don’t mind text ads that don’t obscure articles and that don’t distract my ability to read articles, but ads that cover up content I’m trying to read, require a response to continue reading, display unwanted video or audio should be illegal. They steal bandwidth, but more costly to me, they steal my attention. Keep ads out of articles in peripheral areas of the screen, and I will never object to them or attempt to block them, but distract me in any way or demand a response to continue reading, and I block the website that sponsors those ads every time it happens.

  23. I can’t enjoy reading or texting without these pop ups that are so annoying. Please tell me how to get rid of them on my android. I can’t do a live viewing because it kicks me out in the middle and I have to start all over. Please help

  24. FYI from a security expert- Most apps have what “people” would call back doors that install add serveries without your permission. The ONLY way to ensure you don’t have malware is to NOT install any apps. Go to the web page, don’t use the app. If you bank has an app, there is a good chance it is safe. Even the best apps get bought by malicious actors that update them to do malicious things. This is common practice. There are a few pieces of malware for phones that even survive a hard reset, but it is your best option if you are compromised.


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