How to Remove Facebook from your Life

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Do you just realize that the time you spent on Facebook could change your life? And you are so frustrated that you want to remove Facebook from your life? But now you are worrying, how to do it? The things you did with Facebook, how you will do them after ditching the Facebook?

You will get your answers, but I am not sure you will like that or not. Removing Facebook from your life is an easy task, the tough one is replacing its job with tools. So, this article will also tell you, whether you can replace the activities of Facebook with other services or you are going to miss them?

Is it Possible to Remove Facebook Completely?

How to Remove Facebook from Life

Yes, it is possible. You can easily do it. You can delete your account from the Facebook and can never turn back. It only depends on your willpower. I have seen many people who ditch Facebook, even they deleted their account, but after a few days, they return. That’s why Facebook doesn’t immediately delete your account 😀 It gives you the time of 30 days to rethink and if you want to come back you won’t have to start again.

You should also think if you want to completely stop it or just want a break of a few days. If you want to stop using Facebook for a few days until your exams are over, the best option for you is deactivating your account. However, if you are worried that Facebook is spying on you and you don’t want to share your data anymore. Then you should delete your account.

If you request to delete your account, Facebook will delete all your data. However, it is not a guarantee that third-party services will also do that. The other websites or services you logged-in with the Facebook account will still have your information. If you want to remove all those data then you will have to contact them separately. So, this task is going to be hectic.

When you delete your account, the other services you used to log in with Facebook might not work. You may have to contact those services to reinstate your account and provide you alternate login method. Although, most websites have an alternate login method, so it is not going to be a big problem.

Also, before removing Facebook from your life, you should ensure is there any other service that works only with Facebook login. If there is such a service that you use, you won’t be able to access that service.

Temporary Solution: Deactivate Facebook Account?

If you are not sure that you will stay away from Facebook forever, then you should deactivate your account instead of deleting it. This way you won’t lose your photos, posts, videos, and other activities. Other people on Facebook won’t be able to locate your profile.

Deactivating the Facebook account won’t affect the working of FB Messenger. Other people will be able to search you by name and sent you the message. Your profile picture will also be visible. You can even log in to other services with Facebook login method.

If Facebook is distracting you and you need to focus on a particular task for some time? Then this option is best for you. Follow below steps to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account.

1. Click on the down arrow button and then click on Settings.

Deactivate Facebook 1

2. Choose General tab at the left sidebar and click on Manage account.

Deactivate Facebook 2

3. Click on Deactivate your account.

Deactivate Facebook 3

4. Enter your password and click on Continue.

Deactivate Facebook 4

Your account on Facebook will be deactivated. After this, you can anytime reactivate your account. All you have to do is to login in your account with your credential.

How to Delete Facebook Account?

When you delete your Facebook account you will lose many things.

  • When you Delete the Facebook account, it will also delete the Messenger account and all your conversations.
  • Deleting your Facebook account will delete your posts, photos, videos, and everything that you have added.
  • The pages that you have created will not be deleted. However, if you are only admin to a page, nothing will be published there.
  • You will also lose your Facebook developer. If you are only admin of an app then that app will also be deleted.

You can assign a new admin to the Facebook pages and your apps before requesting the account deletion.

After considering all the fact, if you are sure to remove Facebook from your life, then follow the below steps to say Goodbye to Facebook.

Note- Once you submit the account deletion request, your posts, videos, photos, and profile will disappear from the Facebook immediately. However, all this data is not deleted instantly. Facebook gives a grace period of 30 days before it starts deleting the data. You can cancel the account deletion by logging to Facebook with-in this period. The deletion of all your information could take up to 90 days.

1. Click on the down arrow button and choose Settings.

Deactivate Facebook 1

2. On the left sidebar click on Your Facebook information. Then click on Delete your account and information.

Delete Facebook 2

3. Now Facebook will show you information about things you will lose. You can download the backup of your data and assign a new admin to pages & apps from this page.

3-1- Click on Download Info to download the backup of your data.

Download Backup

3-2- You can choose to download all of the data or for a particular date range. You can also choose the format of the data and the quality of your data. Then click on the Create File. Facebook will take some time to create your backup file. When it is ready, you will get the notification. Click on the notification to download the backup.

Download Backup 2

4- Similarly, you can click on the Edit Admin Settings to assign a new admin. You can also assign the new admin to your app by clicking on Manage Apps.

5- Once, you complete all the steps, its time to say bye-bye to Facebook. Click on Delete Account to do that.

Delete Facebook 3

How to Replace Facebook Activity?

Now you have removed the Facebook from your life. Now its time to tackle the after effect. The first 30 days are going to be tough. You are going to miss the activity of Facebook. Let’s see how your life will be after removing Facebook.

Who will care for you?

You interact with many people on Facebook. Even your feeling sick status gets the single sad reaction, it gives you a feeling that someone is there that cares for you. Most people advocate that Facebook likes and reaction are not real. But that’s not true, people who like and react on your status are real. It tells that people who react on your status has seen it and they care for you.

You are going to miss it, there is no better alternative where you can do that. You can not send text messages to all your friends telling you have a running nose. Yes, there are several other social networks, but people that know you are not there. Even the Instagram and WhatsApp are now Facebook property. So, you can not use that either if you don’t want to share your information with Facebook.

How do you keep up to date with Friends and Family?

Most of us now are living apart from our family. To know what is happening, you open Facebook and get the status. All your friends and family are using Facebook and they post about everything. So it is easy for you to get up to date with friends and family. When you will leave Facebook, it is not going to be that much simpler.

If you try to shift to another social network then you will not find your friends there. The second most active social network after Facebook is Twitter. But that is filled with intellectual people and it is rare that all your friends post everything on Twitter. If you look at Instagram, then again you will be giving your data to Facebook. It is same with WhatsApp.

Facebook either acquires other rising social networks or it destroys them as we have seen with SnapChat. So it is not going to be easy for you to find a replacement.

How do you Message Friends and Family?

Time of sending SMS to friends and family is long gone. No one sends SMS these days. When you will ditch Facebook, sending messages to friends and family is going to tough for you. You can use SMS, but if you are living abroad then it is going to cost you a lot. The most popular messaging platform is WhatsApp, which is Facebook property.

There are some other alternatives like Telegram but you won’t find that much people using it. If your group of friends and family uses iPhone then it iMessage is a great alternative for you.

How do you Participate in a Team or Group?

Since most people use Facebook, it is easier to participate in the group. Facebook also makes it easier, it has lots of features in the groups. Either it is your gym group or the societies, everyone prefers communicating with Facebook groups. When you leave Facebook, you are going to miss this feature. There are no better alternatives to Facebook groups.

However, there are some alternatives that you can use like GroupMe. It helps you to create groups and share posts and photos. Similarly, Teamer is a good alternative to manage a team. It lets you communicate, organize, and collect money. Needless to say that you are going to face a hard time shifting people from Facebook.

How do you Login Securely to other Services?

No one wants to remember and types passwords. However, people want a secure method to login to different services. Facebook login method do this job. That’s why various internet services provide Facebook login method. It is another thing that Facebook might have to use your data, but Facebook login has proved to be secured in the past.

If you have decided to leave Facebook then you can take the help of password managers to log in securely. Password manager lets you create strong passwords and auto-fills on the login forms. They also store your credentials in an encrypted vault so that no one can access them.


Deleting Facebook account is easy, you can do that in a few clicks. However, replacing the activities that you do on the Facebook is going to tough for you. With a little research and help of this article, you can survive without Facebook. To protect your privacy you have to sacrifice a little.

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