5 Steps to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers

12 thoughts on “5 Steps to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers”

  1. Yes I am interested in the protection on my email address and phone number so I can text message very often since I am hearing impaired guy from Greenville SC and I have no idea how to do for my protection my full Personal information because I have changed my phone number then I have tried to email address to the Twitter account so they denied me because I have forgotten to send my email to the Twitter account so Thanks

  2. Hello.

    Thanks for the write-up.

    I would like to ask a more direct question. If POP and IMP are “disabled” in my Gmail account, does that block a hacker making a request to retrieve my emails if they happen to know my username and password?

    • If someone knows your username and password, nothing can stop them to access your account.
      You must have 2 Factor authentication enabled to avoid access using only password.


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