How to Turn off Chrome Virus Detection

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, and one of the reasons for it is its security concern. There may be questions raised on its privacy tactics, but Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most secure web browsers because of its advanced security tools. One of those tools is Chrome’s in-built malware scanner.

It is quite a useful tool to catch malicious files. However, sometimes it may indefinitely get stuck and cause trouble in download completion.

In this guide, we would know more about Chrome Virus Detection and how to turn it off, if it is causing any trouble.

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What is Chrome Virus Detection?

Whenever you download any file or program from the Chrome browser’s in-built downloader, it scans the file for any hidden virus or other malware at the end of the download. This scanning is performed by Google Chrome’s in-built malware scanner. This malware detection is part of the Chromium engine. So, it is available on every Chromium-based web browser such as Microsoft’s latest Edge and others. 

This feature of Chrome becomes quite handy, especially if you download any file from unknown sources. Therefore it must always be kept ON. However, sometimes it may cause trouble while you may be downloading essential data.

Due to some glitches or the browser error, the virus scanning can be stuck, and your downloading will not be completed. To fix this issue, you can disable the Chrome Virus Detection.

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How to disable Chrome Virus Detection?

Before disabling the virus detection in Chrome, you must realize that this will create a security threat on your system since now even the malicious files could be downloaded, and you won’t know about it.

Here is how you can turn off Chrome Virus Detection:

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to Settings.
    Chrome Settings

  2. Under Privacy and security, click on the Security option.

  3. Under Safe Browsing, scroll down and choose No protection.

  4. Restart Chrome browser

This would disable the Virus Detection and, along with it, malicious site checks and phishing checks.

Reset Chrome Browser

Another alternative is to reset the Chrome Browser so that the error that is causing the Virus detection to misbehave can be rectified.

This is how you can reset the Google Chrome.

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to Settings by clicking on the three-dots at the top right.Chrome Settings
  2. Click on advanced Advanced.Chrome Advanced Settings
  3. Under Reset and cleanup, click on “Restore settings to their original defaults.”Restore chrome
  4. Select Reset settings on the next prompt.reset the chrome
  5. Relaunch your browser.


This is how Chrome Virus Detection can be blocked if it is causing troubles in download. As already mentioned, it can be fatal for your browser and system to turn this feature off. So before trying it, if possible, try other alternatives such as resetting or reinstalling the Chrome browser.

1. Can Chrome Virus Detection be Harmful?

NO. Chrome Virus Detection cannot be harmful. In fact, it is a security feature of Chrome that blocks the malicious files to be downloaded in the system. However, because of some internal errors in the browser, it can get stuck and cause trouble in the download completion.

2. Does Google Chrome have built in antivirus?

YES. Google Chrome comes with an in-built virus and malware scanner that can also scan your whole system for catching malware files and programs.

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