Mac Notifications: Alert! Gmail Hacked, Trojan Detected, System in Danger

Article Summary

  1. What is it? – Mac Notification Alerts are fake/scam message that aims to scare the user and lure them to download malware or make unnecessary purchase.
  2. How to Remove? – To remove Mac security notifications, disable them from the web browser and scan complete PC with Antivirus. TotalAV is my favorite.
  3. How to Stay Protected? – You must be aware of giving permissions to websites to send push notification.  

Did your heart skip a beat when a sudden influx of notification alerts on your Mac screamed “Gmail Hacked,” “Trojan Detected,” or “System in Danger”? Relax. Before you break into a cold sweat, let’s set the record straight: these notifications are more than likely false.

That’s right. These messages are not real but merely attention-seeking gimmicks. Now, let’s delve into why you’re receiving these notifications in the first place.

Fake Notifications Mac

Threat Analysis

NameMac Security Notification Alerts
Threat TypeAdware > Scareware > Pop-Up Virus
SymptomsPop Up Advertisements/Warning Messages
Distribution MethodWebsite Notification Permission
DamageAnnoying user Experience
RemovalScanning Your System through an antivirus/Uninstalling deceptive software/Blocking notifications from random websites

Why am I receiving these notifications?

Here’s the truth: these alerts are being dispatched to you through website push notifications. A dubious website has somehow tricked you into giving it permission to send notifications. Now, it’s abusing that privilege by flooding you with fabricated alarms.

The masterminds behind this scheme are banking on your fear. They hope you’ll click on the alerts and be transported to their webpage. Once there, they’ll either demand payment or offer you a software download to “fix” a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s a classic scare tactic aimed to dupe you into parting with your money for a service you don’t actually need.

Am I Really Under Threat?

While these messages are false, they do imply that you’ve been trapped by browser hijacking. While not as destructive as a full-blown malware infection, it’s bothersome and poses a potential threat to your privacy.

Manually removing threats may be a time-consuming and difficult task that needs expert-level computer knowledge. So, we recommend professional antivirus program like TotalAV which can detect and remove all traces of virus infection. It can finish the task for you in just one click.

How Do I Remove These Fake Mac Notifications?

The silver lining here is that you can halt these exasperating notifications, and it’s simpler than you anticipate. Since the alerts stem from your web browser, the removal process hinges on the browser you’re using.

For Safari users, here’s your route: Settings -> Websites -> Notifications. From there, delete all the listed websites, and presto, no more annoying notifications.

For Chrome users, your path is slightly different:

Settings -> Privacy -> Site Settings -> Notifications.

Follow this, and you’ll get rid of unwanted chrome alerts.

  How to Block Notifications from Websites