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What is SmartScreen Filter and Should You Disable It?

Windows OS has a feature called SmartScreen. Rather than controlling the display setting of your screen, this feature plays a role in protecting your PC when you download a program that could be a malware threat. The filename of the SmartScreen process is called “smartscreen.exe.” When you open your Task Manager, you will most likely […]

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Why Windows get More Virus Attacks than Mac or Linux

Windows has the reputation of the most vulnerable operating system to malware. It is on the other hand, the most used desktop and laptop platform around the world. You may have wondered why you always need to have an anti-virus on windows system but never on Linux or Mac OS systems. Although antivirus software is necessary […]

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How to Prevent Malware on Android

We all appreciate the free open-source operating environment of the Android platform because it helps us build free apps. This openness puts it at risk making it susceptible to malware. Although, there have been efforts by its creator, Google, to secure it with measures such as the introduction of Google Play Protect. However, you still have […]

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How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows 10

Whether you are new consumer or have been switching antivirus products every year just to conclude which one suits the best, this article will surely help you. Let’s begin on how to choose antivirus software. What should you look for in the antivirus program? Detection Performance Price Reliability Detection Program should be capable of detecting […]

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How to Verify if site is Legitimate?

With Internet businesses growing at exponential rates, scamsters are also sneaking in to get their share or pie. This makes difficult for casual web surfer to decide or trust someone easily. If you too feel suspicious about any site before making a move, follow the guidelines given in this article to verify if the site […]

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Why Antivirus is not Enough?

​When you log on to the Internet, do you get the sinking feeling that nothing you do online is safe anymore? If the data breaches exposed in 2017 are anything to go by, our personal information or any other data we store online is frighteningly vulnerable, and antivirus isn’t enough to protect us from the […]

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5 Best Parental Control Software

“In this post, I’ll share the five best parental control software that will help you keep your child safe from the uncensored Internet and supervise them online.”As a parent, it can be quite stressful to think of all the faceless beasts out there who can harm your child while they are online. Yes, the truth […]

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Should I pay Ransom to Malware Creators?

Losing access to your business documents or precious photographs is something we wish you never experience. However, if you are unlucky and find yourself attacked by malware that is asking for a ransom to release all the files on your system, the question may arise: Should I pay ransom to Malware Creators?Our simple answer and […]

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How to Secure Web Browsing (Ultimate Guide)

A web browser is a standard application on every mobile phone, PC, and laptop for accessing the Internet. Be it a home user or a business owner; web browsers are the most common gateways for hackers to get into your system and hack your data. In this ultimate guide, I’ll be covering steps on how […]

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I am a Tech CEO and this is How I got Hacked

You thought you are smart enough. It is not possible to get hacked because you use all the necessary precautions. I have bad news for you. Hackers can outsmart even the tech giants who take pride in building a multi-million-dollar business online. This article tells a story of one such person. He is a CEO of Social media […]

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