12 Best WiFi Protection Apps for your Devices

With the evolution of social media and many online video streaming services, the Internet has become an integral part of a person. It has placed itself in the category of Food, House, and Clothes, i.e., it has become the basic necessity of humans. 

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In modern times the Internet is readily available almost everywhere and at a low cost too, but still people always look for free WiFi, wherever or whenever it is possible. They don’t even think twice about the security threats, the public WiFi can possess. 

You are most vulnerable to cyberattacks when you are connected to the free WiFi. Cybercriminals always take advantage of free WiFi providers because they are the least secured ones.

In this guide, we will discuss some best WiFi protection apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

Top WiFi Protection Apps for Android

WiFi Inspector

WiFi Inspector - Best WiFi Protection Apps

WiFi inspector is one of the best WiFi utility apps for Android. It helps you to gain visibility onto your WiFi network. After that, you can see all the connected devices to your WiFi that includes IoT and smart devices too. 

This app further lets you control those devices individually by showing their IP and MAC addresses. 

One of the best things is, this app is quite light-weighted and does not hang your system. You can install it easily on a low-end Android device. 

WiFi Password 

WiFi Password - Best WiFi Protection Apps

When it comes to creating a WiFi password, it always becomes difficult to choose a complex combination that is difficult to guess for a hacker. No need to worry anymore. This application allows you to generate random and complicated passwords that you can use for your WiFi networks, as well as the devices connected to it. Another great feature is, with its built-in functionality, you can also save the passwords. So you don’t have to remember them.

WiFi Protector Pro

WiFi Protector Pro - Best WiFi Protection Apps

If you are living around a bunch of IT expert people, you might always be in fear of a cyberattack through the WiFi. Here is where the WiFi Protector Pro helps you. It keeps you safe from all types of Address Resolution Protocol related attacks. Whenever there is an attempt made to attack, it immediately blocks your device. 

Top WiFi Protection Apps for iOS

Secure WiFi

Secure WiFi - Best WiFi Protection Apps

When you connect your iPhone or iPad device to a WiFi, there is an exchange of data between your device and the router. When the WiFi connection is insecure, the hackers or cybercriminals try to hijack your session and steal the data during the data exchange. This is where Secure WiFi comes into action. This app protects your data while you are connected to WiFi. It automatically enables itself when an unsecured connection is detected. 

Civic Secure Identity

Civic Secure Identity - Best WiFi Protection Apps

This is another excellent WiFi protection application for iOS devices. With this installed on your device, you will get constant notification whenever someone tries to connect with your WiFi using unauthorized ways. Moreover, if your phone gets stolen, you will periodically receive notifications of its whereabouts on your alternate number.

WiFi Hotspot Protector

WiFi Hotspot Protector - Best WiFi Protection Apps

WiFi Hotspot Protector Encrypts your connection with the WiFi network you are connected to. Whenever you try to communicate with a WiFi network, if it is compromised or unsecured, this app will warn you beforehand. In this way, you will be safe from all types of hackers and intruders. 

Top WiFi Protection Apps for Windows

GlassWire Pro

GlassWire Pro - Best WiFi Protection Apps

GlassWire Pro is an amazing feature-rich application for Windows, which lets you full control of your WiFi network. It gives you many options, such as you can see who is using your WiFi network. If any suspicious users are found, you can block them immediately. It also creates a detailed graph that lets you monitor the connected devices periodically.

  Antivirus vs Firewall

Other than this, the app has other advantages too. It also lets you keep an eye on the webcam and microphone of your system to check for any suspicious intervention. In the event of any unauthorized intrusion, it will notify you immediately so that you can control the situation before any damage is done. 


inSSIDer - Best WiFi Protection Apps

This is an exceptional Windows application for WiFi security. It much helps in protection against wardriving. Wardriving is a process of breaching the wireless network with specialized equipment by approaching to the wireless network’s proximity. 

In order to confuse the wardrivers, inSSIDer create multiple fake networks. Wardriver gets confused about which network to connect.

WiFi Radar

WiFi Radar - Best WiFi Protection Apps

WiFi Radar lets you control the range of your WiFi router. You can boost the signal strength to enhance your browsing experience without installing any additional hardware. It will also help you in identifying the security issues in your WiFi network too.

Top WiFi Protection Apps for Mac 

WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer - Best WiFi Protection Apps

WiFi Explorer is one of the best WiFi protection applications for the Mac operating system. It is best to help you in finding out the issues that are compromising your network and weakening its performance.

It also tells you whether someone is trying to get access to your router. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of other issues such as rogue access points, channel conflicts, along with overlapping and configuration, is also prepared by WiFi Explorer.


KisMAC - Best WiFi Protection Apps

It is another great WiFi security application for Mac OS. Its main feature is that it can map the wireless networks and provide a detailed analysis of their performance and problems. You can also see clients, name of the WiFi networks (SSIDs), within your network range, even if they are hidden. 

This application also has built-in assistance for Apple AirPort extreme as well as many other USB devices, which makes it a multi-utility app that every Apple user must-have.


NetSpot - Best WiFi Protection Apps

Netspot provides you great info and stats about the WiFi performance. It displays the dead-spots on your WiFi network that can be exploited by hackers. After knowing the details, you can optimize it.

It also scans the WLAN of the system and suggests if a particular wireless network can work better with the available access points.

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