How to Block Trackers in FireFox

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The websites on the internet track your activity and create your profile so that they can serve you targeted ads. Firefox browser here comes as a savior. Now Firefox allows you to block the tracking content on the websites without using any third party add-ons.

How Does Content Blocking Works on Firefox?

Firefox started blocking content to protect the privacy of users. Several websites collect user’s personal information like their interest, activity, likes, and dislikes, etc. This information is later used to serve targeted ads on your browser. They also sell it to other advertisement companies. Mozilla joined their hands with Disconnect, a privacy concern company to start blocking such content.

Disconnect classifies the trackers that collect information with the intent to use it later or share it with third-party clients. Such trackers are flagged and blocked. However, the trackers that collect information only to improve the user experience are allowed. Meaning when a tracker collects information and store it in a database, such trackers are blocked.

Firefox has categorized the content blocking in three modes that let you choose according to your need.

  • Standard – It is the default mode and only blocks the trackers that are harmful. It tries to create a balance for performance and protection. The Standard mode allows some trackers that are essential for the websites to function properly. It blocks the known trackers in the private window.
  • Strict – This mode blocks all the trackers. It helps you to attain stronger security. However, some websites may not work correctly. It blocks known trackers, third-party tracking cookies, cryptominers, fingerprinters in all window.
  • Custom – In this mode, you can choose what to block according to your need. You can select between trackers, cookies, cryptominers, and fingerprinters.
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Note:- Blocking all cookies or all third-party cookies may cause websites to break. Some parts may not load properly if you block the cookies.

How to Activate Content Blocking

Click on the Firefox Menu and choose Content Blocking. If you don’t see the option meaning you haven’t updated the Firefox. This option is available after the Firefox 65 update.

Block Trackers in Firefox 1

Now select a mode according to your need.

Block Trackers in Firefox 2

The Standard and Strict mode are pre-configured. However, the Custom mode allows you to configure the settings a little bit more. You can block the tracker in either private windows or all windows. Also, there is four option to select in case of blocking the cookies – third-party trackers, cookies from unvisited websites, all third-party cookies, and all cookies.

Block Trackers in Firefox 3

Changing the Block List

Below the Trackers, there is an option Change block list, click on it.

Change block list

It contains level 1 and level 2 list of trackers. The Level 1 blocklist allows some trackers so that the websites don’t break. However, the Level 2 blocklist blocks all the trackers, and some website may not load properly.

Change block list 2

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Send Do Not Track Request

You can even send the Do Not Track request to the websites. Two options to choose from one is Always, and another one is when Firefox is set to block known trackers.

Do Not Track Request

How to Know Firefox is Blocking Content

Now the content blocking on the Firefox is set. It will prevent the content as per the settings. Whenever Firefox blocks the content, you will see a shield icon before the URL of the website.

Content Blocking Icon

How to Disable Content Blocking for Trusted Websites?

If you trust a website and doesn’t want to block the content, then you can disable the content blocking for particular sites. If certain websites that you use regularly are misbehaving or not loading correctly, then you disable the content blocking for that website also.

Click on the Shield icon that represents the content blocking, then click on Turn off Blocking for This Site.

Adding Exception for Content Blocking

Now the website will reload, and the content blocking icon will have a cross line that represents all the content from this website is allowed.

Content Blocking Off Icon

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