Lista de Tipos de Malware

En pocas palabras, el malware es solo un montón de malas noticias empaquetadas como software. Se trata de códigos maliciosos cuyo propósito es dañar al usuario, sistema o red. Aunque no son nada nuevo, lo preocupante es su continua evolución hacia nuevas y más sigilosas formas de amenazas. Para combatir las ciber-amenazas en tu empresa se … Read more

What is Adware?

A massive amount of online revenue comes from advertisements. Google gets 95% of its income from online advertising. Companies often have online ad campaigns to push their products and services to potential customers. You encounter as much as 1,700 banner ads per month. As such, catching your attention is a top priority of ads. Eventually, … Read more

10 Hacking Techniques Used By Cyber Criminals

“Today, I’ll share the top 10 hacking techniques used by Cyber criminals to penetrate unauthorized zones and infiltrate your personal information using various methods.” A quite common occurrence nowadays is the ease with which hackers can get access to unauthorized zones and steal your personal information including credit cards, financial information, and other confidential data. I … Read more

How to Set Strong but Memorable Passwords?

Do I seriously have to stress the importance of setting secure passwords? I hope not. With a new cyber attack happening every day, it is a constant reminder to secure your passwords and keep them least guessable. But are you doing the right thing? Bravo, if you’re.  It is always a tedious task to set … Read more

10 Ways To Look Like a Professional Hacker

Have you ever wanted to become a hacker just to impress your friends or prank them maybe? Well, I can help you with the top 10 ways to look like a professional hacker. This post won’t teach you any of the hacking techniques, but I assure you’ll get some of the best hacks to fool … Read more

5 Steps to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers

We first knew about email in 1960’s. It became an alternative to the traditional snail mail. By the 1990’s, it became the leading information exchange method around the world. In the new millennium, Web 2.0 introduced an original purpose to the simple email. Today, online presence is as significant as your offline identity. Social media, online … Read more

Session Hijacking Controls your Account without Password: How to

Unless you’ve deliberately disconnected yourself from the outside world, there’s a good chance that your computer is online on a daily basis. When you are surfing the Internet, your machine communicates with thousands of routers and servers in the world. The constant exchange of information over the Internet means it is open to threats and vulnerabilities. … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Public WiFi Security

With an advent of mobile devices and portable machines, we are more connected as ever. WiFi has become a necessity in the modern world. There are an estimated 50 million WiFi hotspots around the world. While most people use their Internet connections at home, hotspots are dramatically increasing. From restaurants to libraries, everyone expects to connect … Read more

Should I pay Ransom to Malware Creators?

Losing access to your business documents or precious photographs is something we wish you never experience. However, if you are unlucky and find yourself attacked by malware that is asking for a ransom to release all the files on your system, the question may arise: Should I pay ransom to Malware Creators?Our simple answer and … Read more

¿Cómo Detectar Keyloggers?

¿Crees que alguien esté monitoreando tus pulsaciones del teclado?¿Puede alguien estar interceptando y almacenando un registro de las teclas pulsadas en tu teclado de manera remota? Si te preocupa todo esto, entonces necesitas un buen detector de Keylogger para averiguarlo.¿Qué es un Keylogger?El Keylogger es un tipo de software o hardware empleado para capturar todas … Read more