Can Someone Hack my Phone by Texting me?

Ever since the cybercriminals are getting more and more advanced in infiltrating any system or network, the privacy-concerned people are getting several questions in their mind, for instance:

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  • Can someone hack my phone by texting me? 
  • Can Someone hack my phone by calling me?

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The phone in your pocket contains almost everything related to you, for example, your banking details, personal photos and videos, your internet search history, and more such sensitive information. Since smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life, it is evident that such concerns can make people anxious. If cybercriminals can get their hands on private information, it can be devastating and ruin the privacy of a person in a big way.

However, the main question is- Is it really possible to hack someone’s phone just by texting or calling them?

Let us find out.

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Can someone hack my phone by texting me?

You might be surprised to know that text messages are one of the most popular ways used by cybercriminals to infiltrate a smartphone. However, it does not mean that hackers can hack your phone just by texting you. It depends on your further action after receiving the text that decides whether your smartphone would be hacked or not. Currently, there is no such technology that can help in infiltrating a device, just by sending an SMS. Then why are text messages one of the primary sources of infiltration?

Suppose you receive a message on your phone that pretends to be from your bank. The message might say that you need to urgently change your credentials by clicking on the given link otherwise, your account would be locked. In the urgency of saving your bank account, you might click on the link and provide all the details that it asked for, without even verifying whether the SMS was really sent by your bank. This is how you got tricked and got your account hacked by just an SMS.

Using similar tactics, cyberattackers can use text as a medium to hack onto your phone and conduct more phishing activities. They will send you too good to be genuine offers to first attract you into clicking the malicious links and then smartly convenience you to provide sensitive information.

Although technology is advancing almost every day, it is still impossible to hack into a mobile phone just by sending a text message until the user also corporate with the attacker.

So to answer the question, “Can someone hack my phone by texting me?” No, your phone cannot be hacked by anyone just by receiving or opening the message. If you further follow the instructions of the text and click on the malicious link, then hacking might happen.

Can someone hack my phone by calling me?

Another fear that most privacy-protective smartphone users have is – Can someone hack my phone by calling me?

The short answer to this question is NO. It is pretty far-fetched to think that a smartphone can be hacked just by receiving a call from someone.

Again, similar to text messages, your mobile can get hacked through a call only if you follow the instructions of the caller. For example, you might get a call from a fraud organization that you have won a jackpot of a certain amount of money. To transfer that money into your account, they immediately need your banking credentials. In the joy of getting a jackpot, you might instantly provide all the asked details to the caller and thereby initiate the hacking. 

This is again a social engineering trick in which the users are deceived by creating a sense of urgency, fear, or joy. There is no such advanced technology in which a phone can be hacked just by making a call on it. Without the user’s intervention, hacking is not possible.

How my Phone could be hacked?

Apart from the above mentioned social engineering tricks, hackers can infiltrate your phone in several other ways:

  1. Keylogger: It is a malicious application that hides into your device and records all your keystrokes. These collected keystrokes are then sent to the cybercriminals. In this way, they get their hands on sensitive data like credit card details, social login credentials, and more.
  2. SpywareIt is malware purposely designed to spy on the device on which it is installed. It hides deep into the system and can even access the microphone and webcam of the device.
  3. Public Networks: If you regularly use public wifi for browsing the internet, you must immediately stop it. Public networks are quite loosely encrypted; therefore, cybercriminals can easily take advantage of them and hack into the connected device. Never use public networks without protection.
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Final Words

To conclude, YES, it is possible to hack a phone by texting or call; however, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. To successfully hack into a system through those mediums, the involvement of the victim is a must. To save yourself from such scams, never believe in too good to be true offers presented through SMS and calls.

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  1. So say someone, even someone you know, sent you a text message and you open the link, say it was tiktok, youtube, an article etc. Unless you were to download somthing, there is no way to hack/be hacked? I keep my wifi off, aiplane mode off and only use mobile hotspot when I know its just me using it.


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