Is Malwarebytes Safe and Legit?

Windows users need to install an antivirus program to protect their computer from viruses. Internet is flooded with a lot of antivirus options for users.

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Is Malwarebytes Legit and Safe?

However, Malwarebytes isn’t one of these traditional antivirus programs. It’s easy to eliminate the general malware out of your PC. However, Malwarebytes shifts its focus on detecting and eliminating the most harmful threats that have yet to be discovered by the other antiviruses. Malwarebytes provides enhanced security feature to protect your PC from malware and hackers.

Malwarebytes equips various layers of technology such as behavior matching, application hardening, and anomaly detection to prevent the malware from compromising your PC. Along with detecting the malware and hackers, Malwarebytes cleans up your machine that has already been infected. With the help of Malwarebytes, your system would not be at risk of being compromised. Malwarebytes provides its services for both personal and business purposes.

Malwarebytes was first released in the year 2006, and up until now, it is working effectively against the malware and potential hacker attacks. Manufacturers provide constant updates for this software from time-to-time.

User Opinions & Reviews

Malwarebytes User Reviews

Mixed reviews and varied user opinions have been recorded for this product. Various users have reported the software to be easy to install. Users have praised the Chameleon feature of this software that’s used to counteract the malware. Users have also found out that the software removes the annoying toolbars and adware. However, along with the positive ratings, the internet is flooded with people disappointed over the use of this software. Many users are frustrated over the fact that this software does not provide a “Quick Scan” option. This software doesn’t even have a scan scheduler. This software doesn’t even inspect the emails. You need to update the malware definitions manually.

Malwarebytes User Reviews 2

Users have phrased the software as “An average antivirus program that works great when used alongside various other programs.” For some users, this software has worked miracles and eliminated the potential malware from their computers. Some have reported the software to be too expensive for their good.

On a comparative note, Malwarebytes is far better than most of the old anti-malware softwares on the internet.

  Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes

Conclusion: Is Malwarebytes Safe?

 Malwarebytes is considered to be safe to use  and can easily be helpful in case of possible malware detection. However, various fake versions of the software are available all over the Internet that could easily compromise the computer of the user. People are recommended to download the software from their official website.

However, it has been reported from time-to-time that people couldn’t rely on this software for their overall purposes. It’s true that this software works effectively and prevents your computer from being infected.

If you are still unsure or have second thought, I would suggest downloading MalwareFox. One of the most useful anti-malware software, this software can work miracles.

MalwareFox is an all-in-one software that protects your computer against malware. This software employs heuristic technology and behaviour detection along with cloud power, which enables it to detect any kind of malware even before it can take some actions and affect your system. The following are the features of MalwareFox, which makes it a must use anti-malware software for your systems :

  • Anti-Adware
  • Browser Cleaner
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Rootkit Remover
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Trojan Killer

11 thoughts on “Is Malwarebytes Safe and Legit?”

  1. if you want to keep your privacy don’t use comodo esed and malwarebytes! they use these so called security softwares as the trojan horses in your pc. they can destroy your computer.
    comodo’s owner abdulhey is turkish. esed turkey belongs to fareed sahenk, a turkish businessman doing everything for turkey’s dictator. they both work for turkish dictator tayip “the sharlo mustache” erdogan.
    even firefox and tor browser aren’t safe. as far as i know there are some turkish spies/rats among the developers. and they leak some critical information about firefox and tor browser to turkey’s spy chief hakan “the oax” fidan.
    believe or not these are the facts gals.
    don’t use any of them until they get rid of the rats among them!
    especially firefox has been acting like a stalker and an abuser for a while!

  2. I used Malwarebytes Free for years, I’m a writer and I can’t risk being locked out of my files by ransomware so I’ve got Malwarebytes Premium, I have it on both my desktop and my laptop, they say if you can’t say something nice about someone you shouldn’t say anything at all, $49 + $49 means total security for a year, I believe in the product or I wouldn’t write this, Malwarebytes is going to destroy my computer, it has detected over 6 thousand malware, viruses, PUPs, real time protection layers cover you 24/7, 365 d.o.y.

  3. Make ware all right but if you have to uninstall it for any reason and try to reinstall you are out of your money it will not reinstall, I do not recommend it to anyone

    • My guess is that when it uninstalls, it doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning out the Windows registry. You might have to run regedit (backup [export to desktop] your registry first). Search entire registry to any common terms such as malwarebytes. Be careful to read each entry the search lands on before deleting anything. Good luck, and learn how to use regedit before using it.

  4. I ran both on an infected computer which had a viral browser plugin. Malwarefox kept giving me red flags but did absolutely nothing to stop or prevent it, then I ran Malwarebytes which didn’t even detect the viral plugin but instead removed local pua’s. But absolutely nothing to resolve the browser issue, so I ran both software again and same results. Then I simply removed the browser plugin manually and re-ran the tests lo and behold neither software detected anything.

    This was tested on both paid licenses!

  5. Malware bytes is DANGEROUS to your PC. It is also UNreliable. I purchased the licensed version of MalwareBytes several years ago. I’ll explain these SERIOUS PROBLEMS. The licensed versions run on (3) computers at the office. EVERY TIME the software updates to a new version, the update FAILS and must be REMOVED and reinstalled with license key information. This process is beyond the scope of the other office people so the IT person must be the one to do the UN/Install. That takes unnecessary time – during which MWB is non functional. However, much worse is a recent development where MWB asks you to install the latest version and then, GET THIS, DEMANDS … DEMANDS … DEMANDS that you REBOOT NOW or it will in 10 minutes automatically with NO WAY TO DEFEAT THE REBOOT. If your computer happens to be in the middle of a mission critical process that CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED – MWB will interrupt it anyhow! THIS ARROGANT FORCE REBOOT MAKES MWB ON PAR WITH MALWARE ITSELF. No competent company would EVER release software that AMBUSHES YOU WITH A FORCED REBOOT! Consider how tremendously dangerous an UNprofessional that is! MWB took out a SERVER at our location! It took over a DAY to bring it back on line. NO SALES WERE MADE FROM IT DURING THAT PERIOD! If you are wise, you will pull this software out of every computer you own and replace it with software that does not do MORE DAMAGE THAN IT PROTECTS FROM!

    • BTW: I took a ScreenShot of the dialog box that FORCES the MWB reboot. I am more that willing to upload it if the moderator would like to insert it into my comment.


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