How to Remove Google from your Life

Google offers a lot of services and most of them are free to use. Hence, it tracks the user’s data and uses it to serve the ad. With this method, Google earns money.

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Most users don’t bother about sharing their information with Google, while few users consider it a risk to their privacy. If you are planning to ditch the Google services, then this article will give you an idea on how you can do it. Google is everywhere on the internet, so you must consider whether is it possible to remove Google entirely or not?

Here we go through each one of their product with solution on how to remove them from you life.

Is it Possible to Remove Google Completely?

How to Remove Google from your Life

There are so many services that Google offers. Almost every website on the internet uses any of their services. Even this website uses Google Analytics service to track the traffic status. So, indirectly you use Google services even when you do not open them. People use Google services because they are good and there are no better alternatives.

Even if you choose an alternative that is free, you are again giving your information to that company. Because on the Internet if you don’t pay, you become the product. Most free services on the internet collect the information and use them to serve ads. If they do not serve ads, then they sell this data to other company who does. This is how it works; companies have to make money to pay salaries. They can’t survive the competition if they don’t follow this exercise.

Also, if you are not using any Google services and your friend uses it. Then you are exposed to Google. For example, if you sent an email to the Google address that your friend is using, then Google will have your email address and can even see the message if that is not encrypted.

You can minimize your exposure to Google, but it is almost impossible to stop it entirely unless you stop using the internet and shift permanently to the Himalayas.

What will you lose?

Before taking action, you should also consider the fact that if Google loses you then what you will lose. I have to mention this again that Google services are fantastic and you won’t find better alternatives. So when you decide to remove Google from your life, you will lose a lot.

You have to compromise on almost everything with other services. You won’t get the same features and ease of use. Not to say, you have to spend lots of money if you choose the paid services.

Different Google products work together. For example, you can use Google Drive to attach big files in your Gmail. You can also add the Google Docs files to your email quickly. So if you are shifting to another service, you won’t find such features.

Another example is Android. Almost every smartphone comes with either Android or iOS. The android phones are cheaper and offer better features. If you choose the iOS, you have to pay a lot more. Also, the iOS doesn’t have the kind of features that Android offers.

How to Remove Google Chrome?

Google Chrome browser has a 61.77% of market share according to Statcounter November 2018 reports. Google Chrome is the number 1 browser, and its user base is increasing day by day. All these users are not a fan of Google, but they like the features of Google Chrome.

I shifted from Firefox to Google a long time back and didn’t want to ditch it soon. One of my co-worker loves Firefox. Some users find that Google Chrome uses a lot of memory and slows down the computer. Yeah, it is true, but if you are using other Google services, then Google Chrome is best to access them.

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There are lots of alternatives to Google Chrome. So if you are planning to remove it, it is not going to be that hard. The second best browser is Safari. If you are on Mac, then I suggest you stick with Safari. You can also switch to Mozilla Firefox which has become better after their Quantum updates.

Tor Browser

But if you want a browser that is concerned about your privacy, then you have to switch to an untraditional browser. The Tor browser is the best choice for you. Tor browser uses different relays that make you anonymous on the internet. When you use Tor browser, Google or other services can’t identify you unless you enter your credential to log in.

Google Search is the foundation of the Google Empire. After the success of Google Search, Google built its other products around it. According to the Search Engine Market Share October 2018 report of Statista, Google Search has a market share of 90.28%.

There are few other search engines in the market like Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Baidu is entirely used in China. So, if you are living in China, it is right for you. The problem with using these search engines is same as using Google. Bing and Yahoo both owned by Microsoft and Verizon who doesn’t respect the user’s privacy as well.

DuckDuckGo - Google Search Alternative

You need a search engine that is clearly against collecting the user’s information. DuckDuckGo is such a service. It doesn’t store your search queries, so it has nothing to share with other advertisers. DuckDuckGo will serve the ads according to your searched queries. However, it doesn’t track those data, so it never reaches to other companies.

It is easy to add DuckDuckGo to your browsers. You can easily add it to your smartphone or tablet and other browsers. It supports the integration with Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and even on Google Chrome, which you already ditched.

You can’t exactly tell which search engine is good. If you find what you are looking for, then it is good. DuckDuckGo is useful if you are not looking for a rare thing. For regular search, it is almost like the Google Search Engine.

How to Remove Gmail?

Gmail is another popular service from Google. It’s not like that there are no alternatives, but they are not like Gmail. The spam filtering of Gmail is outstanding. While using Gmail, you won’t see any spam email in the main inbox. However, it is not the same with other email providers. Even with the paid ones, you will see plenty of spam emails in the main inbox.

If you opt for a free service like then again you will be giving your data to a big company. If you particularly don’t like Google to share your information, then the best option for you will be offers excellent mail service, and it is free. You won’t be able to use the POP3 or IMAP email clients in the free version. Also, the free version displays ads. To get the email client feature and remove the ads you need to pay $20 for a year.

Remove Gmail from your Life with ProtonMail

If you want to focus on privacy, then the best option for you is ProtonMail. The email client of this service completely encrypts all your information. So there are no chances that anyone can see them. Also, its servers are located in Switzerland that means Government’s can not order to share the information. ProtonMail is best for privacy concern people. It also offers the free version, but that’s only for 500MB of storage. If you want to use the full account there, you need to pay around $6 per month.

How to Remove Google Drive?

There are lots of cloud storage. It’s not a problem to switch from Google Drive. Like I already said, Google services are best for integration. So, you won’t find such features with other cloud storage. Plus, Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage that you won’t get either.

There are alternatives like Dropbox or that offers excellent features. But again, their terms & condition says that they can dig into your files to make sure you have nothing illegal if someone complains. So, you will reach there where you ditch Google Drive.

SpiderOak - Google Drive Alternative

If you want no one can check your data, you need more privacy concern cloud storage. SpiderOak offers such a service. It uses a 2048 bit RSA and 256 bit AES technology to encrypt your files. All the data are encrypted on your local computer, and then it is uploaded to its server. When you download the files, it is decrypted on your computer. So, there is no way SpiderOak could look into your data.

How to Remove Google Docs?

Google Docs is fantastic to work on a document with different people online. Google started the online document processor first. However, there are plenty of others who offer this service now. So, replacing Google Docs won’t be a problem for you.

How to Remove Google from your Life - Zoho Docs

The Microsoft Office has also gone online but about privacy its same like Google. You can get the Apple iWork subscription, though. Few other alternatives are LibreOffice, CryptPad, OnlyOffice, and Nuclino. You can also work with Zoho Docs that support online sharing of documents. Remember, if you are working in a team, it is going to tough to convince others to use the new document processor.

How to Remove Google Maps?

Another trouble you will face while removing Google from your life is replacing Google Maps. It’s not like that there are no alternatives, but you won’t find the same features and accurate traffic updates. The traffic alert on Google Maps is pretty impressive.

If you are using an Apple device, then it is not tough for you. Apple Maps are an excellent replacement for Google Maps. Other than you can use Bing Maps, but that will be like giving your data to Microsoft after saving it from Google. Other than this, the option left for you is to use OpenStreetMap. It is a free service, and it works perfectly for directions. However, OpenStreetMap doesn’t provide traffic status.

Google Maps Alternative - OpenStreetMap

There are plenty of other maps services that either work on OpenStreetMap data or Google. The other thing you could do is to use a dedicated device for navigation in your car. Such tools are useful for navigation. However, you should check if their maps data is from Google. Many navigation devices use Google Maps and share your data with them.

How to Remove Google Calender?

Replacing Google Calendar is not going to tough for you, as it doesn’t have any unique feature that you won’t find in other calendars. Most organizations use Microsoft’s Outlook built-in calendar; it works great. You can also access its online version on the portal.

If you are not a fan of Microsoft also, then the best alternatives for you is to use the iCloud Calendars. If you don’t have the Apple device either, then you can try the local calendar on your device. However, they might not have the sync feature like Microsoft and Google. Some other Google Calendar alternatives are Etar, aCalendar, and

How to Remove YouTube?

If you want to remove Google from your life, you have to compromise entirely on this. You are not going to get an alternative to YouTube. There are more than 1 billion users on YouTube. People on YouTube watch 1 billion hours of content every day. There are no other video streaming services near it.

How to Replace YouTube from your Life with Vimeo

If you are a publisher and want to store your content, then the best alternative for you is Vimeo. But if you’re going to watch the video, then Vimeo is not that much useful. There are fewer users compared to YouTube that uploads the video on Vimeo. So, you are not going to find a better alternative to YouTube.

How to Remove Android?

If you are planning to remove Google from your life and you are using an Android smartphone, then you are doing just the opposite. Android is another hand of Google. According to Statcounter Mobile & Tablet OS Market Share November 2018 report, Android has 68.66% market share. iOS is on the second number with 28.35% market share which is also the alternative of Android.

If you are shifting from Android, you have only one option, and that is iOS. Other than this, you will just shift to dumb phone instead of a smartphone. KaiOS seems to get a little attention, but again, its feature is not like a smartphone should have.

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The Conclusion

Despite having all these alternatives, no single service could completely replace a Google Service. Google services have rich features and flexibility that is why people tend to use them. However, it is also true that you have to compromise your information if you use it. For people, privacy is the biggest concern; it would be not like using the internet to the fullest. Because if you opt for other free services on the internet, they also do the same. You need to put effort and do research to minimize the exposure to Google. To completely remove it from your life, I am not that much sure confident that if a person who uses the internet regularly could do.

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