How to Stop Google Chrome Notifications

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Are you annoyed with the constant pop-ups and overlays that various websites use to notify you and insist you to take a certain action? These notifications could easily turn out to be frustrating for some.

You don’t need to keep closing those multiple annoying pop-ups from time-to-time. With the help of the perfect extensions, you would be able to get rid of the website notifications as well as website elements like auto-playing videos and paginated articles. These extensions could turn your browsing experience smooth.

Let’s understand how to install them.

 1-  Stop Notifications Request in Google Chrome

When you open a new site in your Chrome browser, the website asks your permission to show notifications. You can either select Allow or Block. This request appears beside the address field where the lock icon appears. You can close this request by pressing the cross button but next time you open that website, it will again appear. You will know in this section how to stop this request permanently from all websites. No website could ask you to show notifications.

Notification Request in Chrome

If you press allow then the website start sending push notifications on your computer. The legitimate websites send limited notifications, however, some rogue pages bombard your desktop with lots of push notifications. These notifications appear as pop-ups, you can remove pop-ups ads from chrome.

Step 1 – Open Chrome’s Menu and click on the Settings.

Open Settings in Chrome

Step 2 – Scroll down and click on the Advanced.

Click on Advanced in Chrome

Step 3 – Now click on the Site Settings, which is under the Privacy and security section.

Click on Site Settings

Step 4 – Then click on Notifications.

Select Notifications

Step 5 – Now you will see the first option Ask before sending (recommended) disable it by pressing the toggle button.

Disable Notification Request

Now you won’t see any request to send push notifications. Remember it will disable the request from all websites. If you want to stop the request from specific websites then you have to add them in the block section.

To stop notification request from the specific websites, click on Add button in the Block section.

Block Specific Website Notification Request 1

Now enter the URL of the website that you want to block and click on Add button.

Block Specific Website Notification Request 2

Do you feel annoyed when the cookie section covers some part of the website you are trying to read content on? Haven’t you felt frustrated by clicking on the accept and close icons?

Cookies Notifications in Chrome

To banish the cookie notifications permanently we will be taking help of an extension, follow these simple steps :

Open I don’t care about cookie extension in the Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome.

I don't care about cookies Extension

Now the extension will install on your browser.

This extension will help you remove cookie notifications from most of the websites. I tested this extension on five different websites, and I was lucky enough to get rid of cookie extensions on all of them.

Note: If a cookie notification doesn’t slip past the extension, report the notification by clicking on “Report a cookie warning.”

3- Block Marketing Overlays in Chrome

Do you want to eliminate the marketing overlays you receive when you visit a specific website? They appear above the content you are trying to read and grays the background out. It requires you to take a certain action.

Marketing Overlays in Chrome

To eliminate the Marketing Overlays, we will be taking help of an extension, follow these simple steps:

Open Poper Blocker in the Chrome Web store and click on Add to Chrome.

Poper Blocker Extension

Let the extension install and it will start working just after the installation.

I tested this extension on five different websites with different overlay types:

  • Navigate away from the page
  • Pop up in the corner
  • Appear when the page loads up

Out of all the sites, Poper Blocker was able to block the pop-ups on about four of them.

There isn’t a perfect solution to get rid of all the overlays and pop-ups. However, Poper Blocker would certainly help you a lot to prevent most of them and provide you a smooth browsing experience.

4- Block Auto-Playing Videos on Chrome

One day you are listening to your favorite music with full volume on laptop speaker. The other day you are trying to focus on your work and visit a business website with an auto-playing video. The laptop is still at full volume. Wouldn’t it just catch you by surprise?

Auto-playing videos sometimes turn out to be frustrating. Additionally, they slow down your page load speed. To prevent the videos on any website from auto-playing, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Open AutoplayStopper extension in Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome button.

AutoplayStopper Extension

Once the extension install, it will start stopping videos from auto-playing. Though, you can add exceptions if you want some pages to auto-play videos. Click on the extension and enter the URL.

5- Unroll Paginated Articles on Chrome

Imagine reading the “Top 50 Food Joints in China” article where you have click for about 50 times to learn about all the food joints. Now imagine reading the same details mentioned in a single page without requiring to click numerous times.

To unroll these paginated articles, install the Evernote extension available on Google Chrome Web Store. To install the extension, follow these simple steps:

Open Evernote extension in Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome button.

Evernote Web Clipper Extension

With the help of this extension, you will be able to save the articles. In case the article is paginated, you will be able to unroll it easily.

This app saves a lot of time by only displaying all the details on a single page. You don’t even require to spend a lot of time and waste your clicks on the Paginated Articles.

6- Block Ads in Google Chrome

How frustrated would you be when a website displays a random ad and ruins your browsing experience? If you find out ads to be slowing down your browsing experience, you need to block them right away. To get rid of them totally, I would recommend you to install the AdBlocker Ultimate extension.

Block Ads in Chrome

Open AdBlocker Ultimate extension in Chrome Web Store and click on Add to Chrome.

AdBlocker Ultimate Extension

Once it gets installed, you will not see any frustrating ads in the Chrome browser.

Other effective ad-blockers for Chrome are Ghostery and uBlock Origin.

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