How to Stop Ads on Facebook

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Facebook features two types of common advertising i.e. sponsored posts and newly arrived in-messenger advertising. However, unlike platforms such as YouTube that make it easier to rid of Ads, it can be a little tricky to do so with Facebook. In this article, we will learn how to stop ads on Facebook.

The reason is that advertising is another revenue stream for the platform. So why would they sacrifice that? The least that Facebook as a platform offers in terms of controlling Ads is to allow you to customize your Ad preferences. This means that Ads that appear when you are using your Facebook account will be more suited to your interests.

Third-party software have been recently developed to solve this problem for you. Listed below are the most common and trusted ways you can remove Ads from your Facebook account.

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Hide Facebook Ads using Options

There are two common steps to follow to help remove unwanted Ads from always popping up when you are using your Facebook account. Providing regular feedback to the site leads to the removal of irrelevant Ads whilst Ads that seem to conform to your interests stay. Thus, this does not lead to the full removal of Ads from your Facebook.

The process above is done as follows:

Newsfeed Ad options

  1. When a sponsored Ad appears on your Facebook page, click on the 3 dots button placed on the upper right corner of the post you are viewing
    1. Click on “Hide Ad” if you don’t want this kind of Ad to appear again
    2. Alternatively, click on “Report Ad”, if the Ad is offensive to you in any way
  2. If you click on Hide Ad”, you will be asked to provide a reason for doing so. You can simply indicate your reasons whether it’s irrelevant or misleading
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Report Facebook Ads

Furthermore, if you choose to simply adjust the preferences on your profile settings; you can follow the steps outlined below;

  1. Click on the small triangle at the upper right corner of your logged-in Facebook page to access Settings.
    Facebook Account Settings
  2. Proceed to the “Ads” section at the left part of your screen and click on it
  3. The page should be redirected to your Ad preferences dashboard.
    Facebook Ads Settings
  4. Click on “Your Interests” and check the information to see if it’s accurate. The “Your Interests” section allows you to provide information which reveals and personalizes your interests
  5. Then, click on “Your Information” to also verify your data as the above step 6. This part includes your info such as age, job title, etc. This particular section provides information to advertisers for picking their target audience.
  6. Click on “Ad settings” and indicate whether or not you allow Facebook to use your data and behavior on other sites and Apps for advertising purposes
  7. Click on “Hide Ad Topics” to pick the genres of Ads you don’t want to appear on your Facebook page such as alcohol, etc.

Block Facebook Ads Using Ad Blockers

As much as some Facebook users may be content with simply customizing their profiles to only see Ads that appeal to them, others may want to completely have them removed from their page. This is where the third-party Ad blockers come to play.

Top-quality and system-level Ad blockers can completely remove Ads from your Facebook platform. When adjusted to meet your preferences, they cannot only block out Facebook Ads, but the program can do the same for other sites and Apps.

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Get rid of Ads From Facebook Messenger

You cannot permanently remove ads from messenger.

There are several options for the ads you see in Messenger Inbox. Tap  on the ad to view the following options:

  • Hide ad: Hide a specific that ad you don’t want to see.
  • Report ad: Report an ad that may have offensive content.
  • Why am I seeing this ad?: View details about the ad, including other interests similar to the ad.
  • This ad is useful: Used to determine ads based on your preference.

And if you are not so bothered by constant Ads, customizing your settings is also a good idea which also helps to cut down Ad traffic. But day by day advances proves that improvements on many technological issues, even annoying Ads, are inevitable!

Remove Facebook Adware

Some rogue applications might take advantage of your need of removing ads and offer a free program. These programs are sometimes malicious in nature and do nothing but pushing more ads. They are called adware and generally installed in form of browser hijacker or standalone program.

You should get rid of such pesky ads by using browser hijacker remover or adware removal tool.

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