How To Stop Ads On YouTube

When we think of online video-sharing, YouTube is the number one platform that pops in our minds. However, the number of advertisements have become reason of ruining playback experience. In this video, we will see various ways to stop ads on YouTube. You can avoid YouTube Ads by simply downloading videos you want to view, subscribe to YouTube Red or simply use a trusted Adblocker. For the more technically inclined, one can simply remove Ads through hacking. Additionally, content creators can choose to remove this feature for their viewers.
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Remove ads on YouTube by Downloading Videos

It is possible to download videos from YouTube on to your computer for easy offline viewing at any time or place. You can download YouTube videos using third-party websites such as Clip Grab. And if this process gets a little too cumbersome or confusing for you, adding ss into the video’s URL lets you download the videos directly from YouTube. The format is as follows –  However, sometimes you may have too many videos to view that consume so much time to download and some much more data. Thus, downloading your videos may not be the best option to avoid YouTube Ads.

Subscribe to YouTube Red and Get rid of Ads

YouTube Red offers a paid- premium membership use of the platform. With YouTube Red, the user gets uninterrupted (ad-free) and improved use of the platform. The user also gets access to YouTube Music and Gaming. Pricing for YouTube Red ranges according to the host country, with some users paying up to US$9.99. The limitation of this improved use of the platform is that it is not yet available in many countries. YouTube Red only works in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Mexico.

Use Ad Blocker to Block YouTube Ads

The use of high-quality and trusted YouTube Adblockers is perhaps the most reliable and easiest way to block Ads when streaming your YouTube videos. It is especially convenient if you do not have access to YouTube Red or if you have a high volume of videos you can’t download. Use Ad blockers that are proven to be effective such as this chrome extension. For the not-to-Tech-informed, going through reputable online reviews on the best Ad blockers also helps you choose the right one. As soon as you install the Ad Blocker on to your computer, the rest is easy.
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Watch YouTube without Ads

If you are good with technology, this is also an option to consider. However, this option may not be ideal for all due to its ethical implications. You can simply do block Ads by copying the URL of the video you want to stream, and then open pages like Adless Tube or ViewPure, and copy the video URL into their search space. These Ad blocking pages work by removing the Ad for the video URL thus, letting you stream them without clutter.

Remove YouTube Ads From Your Content

As a content creator for your videos, you can choose whether you want Ads for your viewers or not. It all depends on what you want to showcase and to what extent you want to use the YouTube platform. If for example, you want to monetize your content and earn extra cash, you probably will want to allow Ads to your content so you can get paid. However, if you don’t want to monetize your content, the best bet is to remove Ads so that you can optimize your viewers’ experience. Simply follow the steps below to remove Ads from your content:
  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your screen
  2. Go the “Creator Studio”, go to the menu on the left and click on the “channel” option
  3. On the “Channel option’s drop menu, pick the “Advanced” menu
  4. Uncheck the “Allow Advertisements To Be Displayed Alongside My Videos” box

Other Possibilities

YouTube partner programs such as AdSense lets the viewer filter through Ads powered by them when you are streaming YouTube videos and channels. Simply log into AdSense, go to the “Allow and Block Ads” tab and click on the top-left drop-down menu. Then, click on “Blocking Controls” then choose “YouTube Host”. The pages give you two blocking options – you can either block specific advertisement URLS or generally block all AdSense powered Advertisements. To block specific advertisements, click on the “Advertiser URLs” tab at the top f the page, enter the Url in the space provided then click on “Block URLs”. To block all advertisements, pick the categories on the same page. The added changes are then automatically saved and reflect on YouTube streaming in 24 hours. This option is limited because it will only block Ads powered under AdSense thus; other Ads will still freely pop up in your YouTube streaming experience.

Get rid of Adware popping Ads

Is it just an Ad or Adware creating Nuisance? Ads displayed on the platform are still in control but it might reach irritation level because of an Adware. So, if you are suspicious that there is an unusual number of ads, get a scan done using adware removal tool.


The advantage that comes with the different ways one can block YouTube Ads is that they can serve different circumstances, according to the user’s preferences. If it is time-consuming to download your videos, trusted Ad blockers will do. And if you want to use the videos for longer, anywhere, at any time, then downloading is ideal. If you want to avoid specific Ads from certain partners, the specific categorical Ad blocking works you then. And for the content creators, you can customize your content based on your audiences and you want out of the content you share.

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