How to Manage Tamper Protection In Windows 10

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The rate of malware attacks is continuously on the rise. Besides, these external threats have become a significant security concern for the users across all platforms, including Windows 10.

Therefore, Microsoft is continually adding advanced features to Windows 10 to make it more secure and reliable for the users. One of those security features is the Tamper Protection. 

In this guide, we would discuss more on what Tamper Protection is, how does it safeguard the system, and how to enable and disable it.

What is Tamper Protection?

It is a Windows 10 feature that protects the Windows security apps like in-built antivirus – Windows Defender. In reality, it prevents any type of unauthorized external amendments that you do not make through the settings window.

It was first introduced in the Windows 10 in May 2019 (1903) update. BY enabling it, you can prevent any security bypasses on Windows Defender and Windows security settings. To clarify, any changes in security features would not be possible even through Command Prompt, Windows Powershell, and Registry Editor. So sometimes, it can also create a problem if you want to make some genuine changes manually. Nonetheless, you can disable it anytime from the settings.

What does Tamper Protection prevent?

Some malicious programs like TrickBot and GootKit can infiltrate your system and make significant security changes using Windows command programs or Registry editor. Thus, by enabling the function, you can prevent such attacks and keep your Security unimpaired. Also, it can prevent malware programs from executing the following things:

  • Disable the real-time protection of the Windows Defender.
  • Disable the IOAV feature of the Windows Defender, that identifies the suspicious files from the internet.
  • Preventing the updates of security features.
  • Turn-off behavior monitoring. 
  • Disable Microsoft’s cloud-based protection.
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How to Enable or Disable the Tamper Protection in Windows 10?

In its previous updates, Microsoft has ensured that the Tamper Protection is by default enabled on the Windows 10 systems. However, in some cases, it might be disabled by default. Still, you can quickly enable the tamper protection manually.

On the other hand, you may sometimes want to make some essential changes in Windows security manually using Windows command-line programs or Registry Editor. So, you have to disable the Tamper Protection.

Follow these simple steps to enable or disable Tamper Protection on Windows 10:

  1. In the Windows search bar, type Tamper Protection and click on the top result.

    Click on Tamper Protection

  2. You would reach “Virus & threat protection settings.”

    Virus & Threat Protection

  3. Scroll Down to “Tamper Protection” and toggle its button to enable or disable it.

    Enable or disable tamper protection


So this was all about the Windows 10 security feature, Tamper Protection. Microsoft has provided a great tool in its form for securing the Windows 10 devices with an extra layer of protection. Thus, it became difficult for cybercriminals to infiltrate your system and make malicious changes to gain unauthorized access. Therefore, we highly suggest you enable the tamper protection in your Windows computer. Even if you disabled it for legitimate reasons, do not forget to enable it again.

Windows 10 Tamper Protection FAQs

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on the Tamper Protection feature of Windows 10.

1. What does tamper mean?

In general, tamper means interfering in something and make some amendments to cause damage to that thing. Although in technical language, tamper means getting into a system and make some malicious changes in the settings for different purposes like hacking, causing system failure, and others.

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2. Should I turn on tamper protection in Windows 10?

YES, it is always recommended to turn ON tamper protection on Windows 10 system.

3. What is tamper protection on the windows defender?

Tamper Protection protects the Windows Defender’s internal settings. It does not allow changes by any external means other than the Windows Security Settings window.

4. Why does my virus protection keep turning off?

If your virus protection is turning off automatically without your permission, then there is a possibility that your system is infected with malware. Additionally, this malware might have altered your security settings to make the virus protection turn off automatically. Enable the Tamper Protection to solve this problem.

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