How to Remove Apple Security Alert Scam?

Protecting your digital footprint and security is crucial at a time when scammers are finding endless ways to trick individuals. Pertaining to this, one such notorious scam is the Apple Security scam alert. These scams may go unnoticed but can give access to your Mac to malicious software. Fear not; this comprehensive guide will take you through the steps on how to remove the Apple security alert scam. 

What is Apple Security Alert Scam?

Have you ever witnessed a pop-up message that says your Mac has been hacked? This is the Apple Security Alert scam. It is a fake notification that tricks you into believing that your system and personal information are at risk. Moreover, if you have downloaded free software or other third-party file downloads, then your Mac might get affected. 

The fake pop-up is designed in a way that you give away your personal information, which can be later used as a threat. However, it is necessary to know that Apple does not send any security warnings, and the notifications are a trap. 

In the past, other reputed companies like Google, FastSupport, Norton and more have been impersonated by the cyber criminals in the similar way.

Apple Security Alert Scam

Threat Analysis 

Name Apple Security Alert Scam 
Threat Type Scareware
SymptomsAnnoying pop-ups with security alert messages, redirection to suspicious websites
Distribution MethodsPop-ups, bundled software 
Damage Unnecessary advertisements directed to shady websites, loss of personal data, financial loss 
RemovalManual removal or downloading an antimalware software

Signs of an Apple Security Alert Scam

There is a bundle of scams that your Mac might catch; however, to know for sure that it is the Apple security scam alert, look for the following signs: 

  • Deceptive Messages or Emails

With the Apple security alert scam, scammers send various false messages and emails wherein they tell you that a virus has attacked your device. Most of the time, this email has a link directing you to take some action. 

  • Involuntary Advertisements

One of the major signs of this scam is the unwanted and increasing number of advertisements. While you browse, if you witness an increase in the number of unsolicited ads, then your Mac might have the Apple security alert scam virus. 

  • Scam Pop Up and Calls Impersonating Apple

Apart from the messages and emails, you might also get calls from scammers impersonating customer care or support executives of Apple that your Mac has been virus infected. They might ask you to give sensitive and personal information. 

  • Unsafe URP Redirection 

If your Mac has been infected with a virus, you might witness an increase in the number of times you are directed to an unsafe website. These sites are unreliable and can cause harm to your system.

How to Remove Apple Security Alert Scam?

The Apple security alert scam might lead to an unwanted situation where you may face the loss of personal information and data. To avoid this altogether, it is necessary to have a solid antivirus program, like TotalAV, installed in your system. However, if you already have a potentially unwanted program installed on your Mac, then the following steps might be of help to you. 

Removing Apple security alert scams on Safari

  • Open Safari 
  • Select ‘Settings’ 
  • From the ‘Settings’ tab, select ‘Extensions.’ 
  • Browse through the extensions, and if you see anything suspicious, uninstall the extension. 

Removing Apple security alert scams on Google Chrome 

  • Open Google Chrome 
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • From the ‘Settings’ tab, select ‘Extensions.’ 
  • Click on ‘Remove’ next to the extensions that you find unsolicited. 


Removal of the Apple security scam alert can be an overwhelming task. However, by referring to the steps mentioned above, you can easily eliminate the potentially unwanted program and safeguard your Mac. It is crucial to be vigilant while browsing the internet. Never click on any suspicious pop-ups or links that direct you to another website. Moreover, you should keep your security system up to date and incorporate the TotalAV antivirus software to prevent any security damage in the future. 

Do not let scammers intimidate you; you can take control of your digital security by installing good antivirus software and by following these few simple steps. 


How to avoid falling into the Apple security scam alert trap in the future?

To avoid falling into the Apple security scam alert trap in the future, it is recommended not to open any messages or emails that you find suspicious. Moreover, do not trust websites that ask you to click on a link and direct you to another website, and never disclose your personal information to anyone. 

Can the Apple Security alert scam spread malware to devices that are on the same network? 

Yes, if a device is attacked with Apple Security alert scam, then other devices using the same network may fall into the trap of the same scam. Therefore, to avoid this, it is advisable to have strong passwords and regularly update your security software.